Monitoring and re-examination of pregnancy preparation after smoking eggs

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Egg pregnancy is a pregnancy that has abnormalities in the development of thorns. It is extremely important to follow the monitoring and re-examination after smoking the egg as well as the things to prepare for pregnancy again. With the desire to get a completely smooth and healthy pregnancy, the following are essential for women who have ever had an egg pregnancy.

1. What is egg pregnancy?

Egg pregnancy is still considered a pregnancy because there is still fertilization of eggs and sperm. However, the abnormality in the egg pregnancy is due to the rapid growth of the spines, which fill the uterus and overwhelm the fetus as well. This causes symptoms of vaginal bleeding and severe sickness, which lasts until the middle trimeenn.

When taking the test, the maternity was recorded to see a very high increase in ßhCG levels, which is higher than gestational age and constantly increasing rapidly. When the ultrasound also does not hear the fetal heart, the embryo image is not seen, but only speckled as the grape bunch image.

So far, although the cause of egg pregnancy remains unclear, the majority of egg pregnancies have been observed, monitored as benign. However, there are still a small number of cases that are at risk of progressing to cultured stem cancer.

Early detection of egg pregnancy for early treatment is essential, helping to limit blood loss due to egg pregnancy causing vaginal bleeding or natural miscarriage, the body of the uterus due to invasive egg pregnancy, so it is difficult to recover well, the risk of blood ice is high, critical to life. In addition, contraception after egg smoking intervention needs to have a good plan because the success of the uterus is inherently damaged, it takes time to recover before taking on the new pregnancy process.

Egg pregnancy

Egg pregnancy needs early treatment to avoid danger

2. What is the post-smoking menstrual cycle?

Since hCG levels after egg smoking are still high above the normal threshold that lasts quite a long time, your monthly menstrual cycle temporarily stops. It is only when the hCG concentration drops to the level of return as usual that the menstrual cycle begins to return.

If you have been prescribed chemotherapy treatment, during this time the drugs may also have an effect on the problem of menstruation. Menstruation usually starts again only within 3 to 6 months after the end of treatment. However, in some women who are injected with methotrexate, signs of menstruation may form earlier, as soon as hCG returns to normal.

3. What is the likelihood of pregnancy after smoking eggs?

Every woman who after the intervention resolves an egg pregnancy has the same chance of having a pregnancy as other women. Not only that, you can still get pregnant even if you have chemotherapy treatment.

The possibility of pregnancy is only impossible when the egg pregnancy has severe complications and requires a removal of the uterus. However, the provision for this intervention is very rare and mandatory to be considered and discussed very carefully, especially in women who still wish to continue to get pregnant.

Invasive egg pregnancy

The risk of recurrent egg pregnancy is highest in the first few months

4. What is the next pregnancy after sucking the egg?

Pregnancy after smoking eggs will still proceed as normal pregnancies if you have followed the correct monitoring time and regardless of the treatment for the previous egg pregnancy problem.

This is guaranteed only when you have effective contraceptives during hCG monitoring until the process is complete. If you accidentally become pregnant earlier, you will again increase your hCG levels in blood and urine tests. This will make it difficult to monitor the next progress because it is difficult to know for sure that the cultured atoms have completely disappeared.

In addition, the risk of recurrent egg pregnancy is highest in the first few months. Therefore, you will need to wait a year after the end of treatment before trying the pregnancy again; at the same time also allows for a necessary period of time for the success of the uterus to be fully restored as it was.

5. How to monitor after smoking eggs to prepare for pregnancy

After the procedure has been intervened to resolve the egg pregnancy, you need a urine test or a blood test (or both) every 2 weeks. These tests are aimed at testing the concentration of hCG which will progress gradually until below the normal threshold.

If hCG concentrations tend to go down within 8 weeks after the intervention, you will be scheduled to follow up for the next 6 months. If the hCG concentration drops slower than this, you need to be monitored until the next 6 months. Only when your hCG level returns to normal does you still need to continue testing your urine sample for 4 weeks to determine with certainty that it is then accepted that the monitoring is complete.

If hCG levels do not decrease after treatment, excluding the possibility of pregnancy, it is an indication that some abnormal cells remain. This is called prolonged egg pregnancy, which occurs in about 10 to 15 of the 100 women who have fully become pregnant with eggs, and about 1 in 100 women after a part-time egg pregnancy. At this time, chemotherapy treatment is necessary and you need to seriously continue contraception.

After the prescribed monitoring period, ensuring that the hCG level test in the urine is negative, the woman must be examined in general as well as obstetrics and gynecology, re-doing some other tests to decide whether to allow the pregnancy to return. By the time you find out you're pregnant again, you need to monitor your pregnancy more thoroughly than a normal pregnant woman for the first tri month to ensure that the fetus develops properly, excluding the possibility of egg relapse and, if so, timely intervention.

In summary, although the risk of recurrent pregnancy is very low, in order for the next pregnancy to be safe for both mother and child, post-suction monitoring should be followed properly. Therefore, women should choose a reputable and reliable pregnancy examination place to prepare themselves for a new pregnancy with solid steps.

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