Monitoring of uterus contractions and gestational heart rate during labor

During labor, monitoring of uterus contractions and fetal heartbeat is extremely important, helping to assess fetal abnormalities, ensuring the safety of mothers and babies.

1. Monitoring of uterus contractions during labor

Contraction of the uterus is the main motivation of a labor, which is one of the factors that pre <2>fix the birth. Uterus contractions have natural properties, gradually increasing in frequency and intensity. It is possible to actively increase the reduction of uterus contractions by using the drug, but it cannot be terminated.

If the uterus contraction is regular, rhythmic, suitable for the deletion, opening of the cervical, the condition of the pregnant woman is having a good reacception.

  • Potential stage: appears 2 – 3 bouts /10 minutes
  • Open cervical 5 – 6cm: appears 3 – 5 bouts/10 minutes
  • The cervical opening and calving: appears 4-6 bouts/10 minutes

If the uterus contraction has abnormal problems such as asynchant contractions, frequency intensity, above-average contraction frequency mentioned above average, or the appearance of more than 6 contractions in 10 minutes at any degree of opening of the uterus, or the contraction is too strong, it should be immediately intervened. There is a possibility of young peeling vegetables, rupture of the uterus or pregnancy failure.

Monitoring of uterus contractions during labor

Monitor a contraction of the uterus during labor using a monitor

On the contrary, if the uterus contraction is too weak, too little contraction is also a sign of a bad labored toe, which can cause impaired pregnancy, post-calving bleeding, post-production infection.

2. Monitoring the pregnancy heart during labor

The purpose of monitoring the fetal heart during labor is to determine the fetal condition. The fetal heart can be monitored from the outside or from the inside. Most cases are monitored externally. Only in some special cases the internal tracking is applied.

  • External fetal heart monitoring : usethe Doppler probe into the pregnant woman's abdomen to hear the fetal heartbeat. Can be checked every 30 minutes. If there is a problem with normal play, the frequency of inspections will be more frequent. In addition, it is possible to monitor the fetal electrocardia using 2 waist bands containing tracking devices attached to the pregnant woman's abdomen. Through these devices, the baby's heart rate and uterus contractions will also be shown. The sensor cord is attached to the pregnant woman's abdomen during labor.
  • Internal monitoring: the doctor will place a small electrolye directly on the baby to monitor the gestational heart. The electrolye is attached to the baby by threading through the cervical, entering the uterus and attaching it to the baby's scalp. Besides, a sensor is attached to the legs of the pregnant woman. This method can accurately monitor the mother's gestational heart rate and uterus contraction.

Normal fetal heart rate

Monitoring the fetal heart during labor helps doctors determine the condition of the fetus

Normal gestational heart rate is when:

  • Gestational heart rate from 110 – 160 beats/min
  • Heart rate increases as baby moves
  • Increased heart rate during uterus contractions
  • Heart rate returns to normal after the baby moves or after the contraction ends
  • Appearance of strong and frequent contractions during labor

Abnormal gestational heart rate when:

  • Gestational heartbeat < 110 nhịp/phút.
  • Gestational > 160 beats/min
  • Irregular or non-increased gestational heart rate when the baby moves or during contractions

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