What is a state of cones?

When an seizure occurs, the person convulses. If the seizure lasts between 30 and 45 minutes without timely processing can cause severe complications due to brain damage.

1. What is a state of menopause?

A state of seizures is a state of the appearance of consecutive seizures. During this period the person has neurological symptoms such as consciousness disorders. It's followed by seizures. Seizures that last too long will cause clinical illness, brain damage with many other serious consequences.

When there are seizures lasting more than 30-45 minutes can cause brain damage (especially limbic structures such as hippos): brain, neurological, permanent intellectual. In addition, the state of menopause can have many other consequences.


Prolonged state of concussion will seriously affect the brain

2. What causes a state of menopause?

The causes of the state of menopause are divided into:

2.1 Due to secondary central nervous damage

  • Encephalitis or meningitis: Viral, fungal, parasite, tb bacteria
  • Cerebral vein thrombosis: Occurs due to bacterial infections, coaulation disorders,…
  • Patients with vascular-related diseases: Cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, srachnoid hemorrhage.
  • Traumatic brain damage
  • Encepha palsy caused by hypertension
  • Brain damage caused by hypoxia, anemia

2.2 Patients with chronic central nervous damage

  • Have a history of cerebral vascular accidents, or brain tumors.
  • Have a chemical disorder or have poisoning
  • Due to drug overdose, withdrawal syndrome, alcohol or reactions to oral medications such as: betalactam, theophylline
  • Sudden increase or lower blood sugar.
  • Children with high fever also cause a state of menopause.

What to do with prolonged viral fever?

Children with high fever are also more likely to lead to seizures

3. What is kinh disease?

Menopause is a disease caused by a disordered central nervous system. Sudden changes in brain activity cause the body to appear un causeless seizures, repetitive conditions. Having abnormal behaviors and sensations related to neurological problems, sufferer loses consciousness in a short period of 1 to 3 minutes. After the seizure, consciousness will recover gradually.

Any subject, young or old, may have an kinhem. However, children are more susceptible to meninges than adults.

4. Causes of menopause

According to the study, most people with kinh have no cause. The rest is mainly due to factors that affect the brain such as: Genetics, head injuries, brain diseases, infectious diseases, developmental disorders, pre-birth injuries. In addition, seizures in children also increase the risk of seizures.

Traumatic brain injury

Where trauma increases the risk of menopause

5. Children's menopause

Diagnosing seizures in children is more difficult for adults because seizures end so quickly that doctors cannot see the process progress.

Mostly, young children with seizures caused by seizures will last about 2 minutes. If it lasts 5 minutes anytime anytime, it will not be possible to stop, at this time it will be necessary to give the child medication to stop the seizure.

In addition, if the child has such manifestations as: Difficulty breathing, convulsions of more than 5 minutes, showing pain during convulsions, not responding to calls from parents after 30 minutes of convulsions, it is necessary to quickly take the baby to the nearest medical facility to promptly intervene.

Children with a high fever if above 38.5 degrees Celsius will have seizures. When the child has seizures, antipyretics should be taken to avoid seizures. In addition, for children with a history of high fever seizures, parents should exercise extreme caution, avoiding repeated relapses.

6. Is menstruation cured?

Seizures can be cured in a small number of cases after the patient is given medication or surgical intervention without medication and the seizure no longer appears again.

Most often, for the treatment of menopause, the doctor will treat it by taking medication. If the drug is used without progress or effectiveness for treatment, the doctor will be able to recommend surgery for the patient.

Patients who need to take medication regularly

Mild levels of menopause can be treated with medication

7. Note to limit the happening of kinh

It is possible to control the epidemic if the following measures are applied:

  • Identify the causes: People with seizures need to find out, know the causes of seizures, how to avoid recurrence, control their behavior;
  • Medication use: Anti-seizure drugs can help control seizures with 70% of people suffering from the disease. Therefore, it is recommended to use therapeutic drugs according to the instructions of the doctor so that you are safe.
  • Evaluate treatment regularly by regular check-up as directed by your doctor. Usually at least once a year.
  • Take care of yourself by exercising, mentally, physically, preventing illness or accidents.

The disease of menstruation can cure or will be associated with the child for life. The best way to keep your baby safe from injury and sudden death during an epidiever is to take measures to prevent seizures, ensure your baby takes medication regularly and follow the instructions of your doctor.

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