What is lonely sysysytenemia?

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Hypertension is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases in community life with a higher than normal sysentary and sysentary blood pressure index. However, some patients only have superior high syteninal blood pressure, called lonely sytenemia. The following article will provide information around this pathology.

1. What is lonely sysysytenemia?

Blood pressure is a measurement that manifests it to the pressure of the blood flowing in the heart of the arteries. Blood pressure is generated by the contraction force of the heart and the resistance of the arteries. When measuring blood pressure, especially with electronics, we often see two indicators: maximum blood pressure (also known as sy sysysity ) and minimum blood pressure (also known as sysentinal blood pressure). The doctor will diagnose us with hypertension when the sy blood pressure is 140 mmHg or more and/or diasysive blood pressure of 90 mmHg or more.

In the group of patients with hypertension, there are some patients who are only abnormal in sy blood pressure index. In particular, sysentic blood pressure is superior from over 140 mmHg while diasent blood pressure is normal. This condition is called lonely sysysytenemia and is also classified as a general hypertension pathology.

2. Causes of lonely sysysytenemia

Sysentic hypertension is alone in most cases due to a decrease in elasticity of the arterial system. This condition is common in the elderly when the process of depositing calcium and collagen onto the arterial city over a long period of time. Thus, the arterial city loses its compatibility, is restructured, becomes stiffer and increases the pulse pressure and pulse rate of the blood stream. As a result, sysentic blood pressure increases while further impairing the sysentinal blood pressure.

Besides, as well as mere hypertension, sysentary hypertension alone also occurs more on subjects with a diet high in salt, fat, many processed foods, drinking alcohol, smoking, having other accompanying conditions such as diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia,obesity, sedentary lifestyle as well as families with a pre-cardiovascular disease.

3. How dangerous is lonely sysysytenemia?

Similar to mere hypertension, in sysysucky hypertension alone, excessive perfusion pressure will damage the targeted body. Therefore, hypertension in general is always warned with the name of "silent killer".

What is lonely sysysytenemia?

Lonely sysentary hypertension causes atherosclerosis

The consequences of hypertension will be most frightening if blood pressure rises and rises rapidly continuously, causing rupture of blood vessels. If there is a rupture of blood vessels in the brain, it causes a brain haemorrhage, the patient is paralyzed, speaks harder or more severely than confusion, coma. If the patient has had an aneurysm separating the aortic earlier, with great blood pressure, the risk of aortic rupture is very high, the patient quickly drops blood pressure and dies.

Large blood pressure can also cause peeling of atherosclerosisplaques, clogging blood stenosis to the bodies causing cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction. In addition, sudden hypertension also causes acute pulmonary edema, acute heart failure,acute renal failure, constant nasal bleeding, blinding retinal bleeding …

If high blood pressure smolders without detection, it will cause chronic heart failure, chronic renal failure,atherosclerosis, eye retina damage …

4. How to treat lonely sysysytenemia

In general, the treatment of lonely sytenemia does not differ from mere hypertension. The difference lies only in the goal of controlling blood pressure. Compared to hypertension in general, in sytenemia alone, patients only need to keep the sy blood pressure index below 140 mmHg. However, it is still regularly checked for both sysentinal blood pressure in each measurement, avoiding combined hypertension without early recognition.

To do so, patients need to follow the treatment of a doctor, take medicine regularly daily and periodically check up by appointment as well as build a healthy lifestyle suitable for each person.

In particular, diet plays an extremely important role. Encourage eating more fiber-rich foods such as brown rice, greens, ripe berries. Do not squeeze the fruit for drinking water, but should eat whole fruits to enhance fiber. It is recommended to eat foods high in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, fish … Do not eat fat, animal organs, processed products and contain a lot of salt such as canned fish, bacon, pickles, braised dishes, rim, salt, sauces, salty dipping sauces. Quit smoking, limit alcoholic beverages such as beer, alcohol.

At the same time, we should also exercise regularly that will help keep the arteries well elastic, even in older people, helping to ensure normal blood flow and blood pressure. Doctors always advise us to spend at least 30 minutes exercising every day, thereby also keeping a reasonable weight or losing weight (especially in the abdomen) for people who are overweight, obese. In addition, a good sleep also helps us lower our blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease and death. At the same time, it is advis advising to know how to relieve stress inside each person, learn to relax, rest such as meditating, practicing yoga.

What is lonely sysysytenemia?

How to treat lonely sysysytenemia

In summary, lonely sysysytenemia should also be taken care of as common hypertension diseases. Precisely because of its dangers, understandings of this pathology, adherence to treatment and regular monitoring of blood pressure are essential to have a timely way of intervening, avoiding the unfortunate consequences that may occur.

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