What is the first pregnancy?

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The pregnancy is an important factor that determines whether the maternity will give birth often or have a cesarean section, which is the lying position of the baby compared to the mother's cervical. In the case of the first pregnancy (contraception), the maternity can usually give birth.

1. What is the first pregnancy?

First crown

Picture of the crown

The first pregnancy is considered the most favorable pregnancy for childbirth. In fact, many first-time mothers do not know if the first pregnancy is a u-turn baby and as such is a favorable pregnancy or not.

According to specialists, when the ultrasound determines the first fetus, it means that at this time the head of the fetus is directed towards the mother's, the fetal buttocks are directed towards the mother's chest, making it easier for the baby to come out. However, depending on the location of the baby, the first fetus is divided into the following forms:

  • Hypocgraded head: This is the throne where the fetus bows most downwards to the hypothage, into a favorable fetus or so-called the head – which can be monitored for normal birth during labor.
  • Crown: The fetal head will be halfway, touched from nose to mouth, not touching the chin
  • Forehead: The fetus also raised its head in the axis of the fetus with the mother's axis.
  • Face: At this time, the fetus will face up the most, bringing the entire face first.
  • In addition to the hypoth lowered head, the remaining stars, despite being the head, however, the fetus bends not well in preparation for passing through the vaginal fall, causing difficulties during childbirth. Therefore, depending on the different situation, the doctor will choose the appropriate method of normal birth or cesarean section to ensure the safety of the mother and the fetus.

2. How do I recognize the first pregnancy?

When entering gestational week 28 28 1000, the pregnant woman should have an ultrasound to know the most accurate whether the pregnancy has turned its head to become a favorable pregnancy. In addition, the mother can also predict this through the shape of the abdomen, the location of the pregnancy, the movement of the child's arms and legs in the womb.

If the fetus has turned its head, the womb will be olive-shaped, pulling from top to bottom, from the top of the ribs to the pubic bone. In the upper part of the uterus, the doctor will see the fetal buttocks, in the lower part of the uterus is a rounded and hard head, the sides of the ribs are the back and arms, legs of the baby.

Besides, the pregnant woman may notice whether the fetus is currently pedaling in the upper or lower abdomen. About 80% of pregnancies, the fetus will start turning from the 28th to 29th week of gestation. The remaining 20% will fall into 2 cases of early or later U-turn (before signs of labor).

Increased lower abdominal pressure: When the fetus turns its head to become a favorable fetus, that's when the mother feels the pressure on the lower abdomen. Because this is where the folds are when sitting. It is possible that not all pregnant women feel this, since it depends on the wall of the abdomen thick or thin.

Recognition of the first pregnancy

The fetus will begin to turn from the 28th – 29th week of pregnancy

3. Is the premature pregnancy a sign of premature birth?

It is understandable that the feeling of both nervousness, happiness and anxiety of the pregnant woman when entering the last weeks of pregnancy. If the doctor concludes that the first pregnancy is from week 28 28 20 years on, the pregnancy is developing normally, the fetus is in favor and the pregnant woman can safely wait until the day of labor.

If you say that an early U-turn is a sign of early birth, this is not entirely true, because according to specialists, only one factor does not say anything, the pregnant woman should monitor herself for other signs such as: Lower back pain, edema, pink epidemic,… to know the exact condition of the fetus.

The pregnancy directly affects labor and the method of birth, the unfavorable pregnancy will lead to difficult births and caesarean sections if the interventions do not work. Therefore, in the last months, the pregnant woman should have regular pregnancy examinations to know the pregnancy and take measures to rotate the pregnancy, thereby making the right choice of birth method.

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