What is closed (hidden) syphilis?

Among sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis is considered a dangerous and potentially life-threatening disease. In the development of syphilis, there is an underlying period that is difficult to detect and treat.

1. What is syphilis?

Syphilis is a bacterial infection caused by the spiral Treponema Pallidum. This type of larva has slow but persistent growth and is difficult to treat. They penetrate directly into the bloodstream and gradually spread to all the bodies in the body.

Syphilis has 3 main routes of spread: through sexual contact, blood transfusions and congenital syphilis transmitted by the mother to the child.

Syphilis usually has an incubation period of 3-4 weeks, divided into 2 stages: Early syphilis and late syphilis.

  • Early syphilis: Includes period I, II and early closed syphilis
  • Late syphilis: Includes late closed syphilis, period III syphilis and neurological and cardiovascular syphilis.

Features of hidden syphilis are alternating between periods. The disease has periods of no specific symptoms but is still capable of infecting others, especially from mother to fetus causing many serious effects.

2. Development of syphilis

2.1 Closed syphilis – early

About 2-6 months after the appearance of lesions, the lesions will disappear and enter the early closed syphilis stage. This period has no clinical manifestations but can still be transmitted to others. The disease is detected only if the serum test is positive. It is estimated that about 25% of patients who are not treated will see the reappearance of lesions of period I or II in the old scarring site at the end of the 2nd year or signs of hypertrosmosis around the anus.

Pain during sex

Closed syphilis usually has no specific manifestations so it is very contagious through sexual contact

2.1.1 Syphilis period I

There is an incubation period of about 3-4 weeks or longer and gradually lesions called syphilis appear. Syphilis is a synthesis of painless, itchy, red shallow stains and often in the genital area. Often in these marks there will be accompanying ganglia, although solid but painless, mobile and not festering. After a while, although not treating the stain, it was lost, but actually the disease spread to the whole body.

2.1.2 Syphilis II

After the appearance of antennae about 6-8 weeks and progressing for 2 years is the period of spiral spreading to the whole body and causing damage to the skin, mucous membranes of the person. Symptoms presenting in the whole body such as syphilis, syphilis, hypertrophic genitals, swelling of the lymph nodes…. patients may feel tired, sore bones and joints, hair loss.

2.2 Closed syphilis – late

By this time, the person will be less contagious to the healer when exposed. Many people think it is cured but still capable of spreading to the fetus (from mother to child) causing miscarriage, premature birth or congenital syphilis. Closed syphilis – late can last many years, even a lifetime without expressing any special symptoms. However, one-third of these patients from the 3rd year 2017 will see symptoms of period III syphilis.

Period III syphilis usually occurs from the 3rd year and progresses to decades. Spirulina can cause damage on the surface of the skin, in the lower skin organization (syphilis tubers, syphilis), in the skebath, cardiovascular, neurological diseases (also known as syphilis, cardiovascular syphilis)

3. How do I detect closed syphilis?

Closed syphilis often does not show much clinical manifestations of syphilis, making it difficult to recognize and treat. However, patients can still perform some of the following tests to diagnose the possibility of syphilis:

3.1. RPR Screening Response Test

RPR screening is currently the optimal testing method for people with closed syphilis. The principle of RPR screening method is explained as follows: When suffering from syphilis, the patient's body produces antibodies to combat the proliferation and development of Treponema Pallidum torsion. Therefore, it is only necessary to check if syphilis antibodies are in the body to know the risk of your disease. If the RPR is positive, you have been infected with syphilis and vice versa. However, in some cases the early and late stages of the disease may also give false negative PRP results. Or if the patient has cancer, immunocompilation or a few other similar infections, it can also give false positives.

What to know about TPHA testing for syphilis

Closed syphilis is difficult to diagnose, so patients need to perform multiple tests

3.2. FTA Antibody Test – ABS

FTA – ABS antibody tests have the same mechanism as RPR for the purpose of testing syphilis antibodies in the body. However, the FTA – ABS test takes samples from both blood and cerebral fluid. As a result, the test results are more specific and detailed, not only identifying syphilis but also distinguishing it from other infections in the body.

This method of testing is considered to be relatively complex, so it needs to be applied in good quality and reputable medical centers to bring real effect.

3.3. TPPA Testing

TPPA testing is carried out mainly on the patient's spinal cord. To perform the test, specialists will take a very small portion of the patient's spinal cord cells and try with a specialized reaintation containing gelatin particles with the patient's serum. If gelatin particles gather into serum thrombosis, it means that the person tested has syphilis. Cons, if there is no amaking, it is possible to confirm a negative result for syphilis.

Note: To identify and diagnose syphilis most accurately, patients should not only perform 1 test because there is always a small percentage of failures in it. On the contrary, try to conduct a full range of tests as directed by specialists to bring the best evaluation results.

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