How does egg pregnancy occur?

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Egg pregnancy is a benign but potentially invasive disease or culture cell cancer that directly threatens the patient's life.

1. What is egg pregnancy?

Egg pregnancy is a condition where the layer of cells raised in each other's spines develops abnormally, turning into many small pockets filled with water inside, shaped like grape bunches. These water bags are connected by small fibers, overwhelming the fetus.

Symptoms of egg pregnancy

Egg pregnancy photos

2. How does egg pregnancy occur?

Normally, after having sex with a husband and wife, the sperm will reach out to the ovule to become a fertilized egg and then develop into a fetus, consisting of placenta and amniotic sac.

Egg pregnancy is a condition in which cultured cells grow too quickly, causing the capillaries of umbilical cord blood vessels in each other's spines and the organization of the link not to grow in time. These spines degenerate, edema into small pockets containing internal juice and stick together from a wire that binds like a grape bunch. These vesicies are between 1mn and several tens of millimeters in diameter, occupying a large space in the uterus chamber.

Egg pregnancy is divided into two types:

  • Total egg pregnancy: Eggs develop into a mass, without embryos;
  • Pregnancy of semi-parted eggs: Eggs with abnormal embryos.

3. Causes of egg pregnancy

Currently, it is not yet known what exactly causes egg pregnancy. Factors believed to increase the risk of the disease include:

  • Women over the age of 35;
  • Women have gave birth several times;
  • People may be weak, deficient in proteins, vitamin A;
  • People with poor immune systems.

4. Signs of egg pregnancy


Pregnant people with eggs with characteristic signs of bleeding

The person who is pregnant with eggs has a characteristic sign of bleeding. Haemolysis occurs a few days after menstruation delay. Usually black bruised, diluted blood; lasting for days, the amount may be less or less depending on the patient. In addition, the patient also has severe vomiting,nausea, vomiting. People who are tired, pale, may have edema.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the patient is prone to the misdiagnosed as a threat of miscarriage. Possible hypertension, proteinuria. About 50% of patients have a uterus that enlarges rapidly compared to gestational age.

In the middle of pregnancy, the pregnancy is not visible and the pregnancy heart is not heard.

Patients with total egg pregnancy will mostly be iron deficiency anemia, have symptoms of pre-production,hythyroidism, heart beating, hand tremor …

When the ultrasound will see the image in the uterus there is a blizzard and no fetus is seen. In addition to ultrasound, the patient will be prescribed a beta hCG test to be able to accurately diagnose the condition.

5. Treatment of egg pregnancy

The patient needs to take the egg mass out of the uterus to prevent pregnancy complications. The treatment of egg pregnancy is abortion or smoking of eggs.

In the case of older patients, who no longer need to give birth or have invasive egg pregnancies that puncture the uterus, a full uterus can be removed or a uterus removed after an abortion has been removed.


Treatments for egg pregnancy are abortion or abortion

6. Complications of egg pregnancy

Egg pregnancy is a benign disease, but if not treated early, it will easily lead to dangerous complications such as:

  • Blood loss;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Blood bandages;
  • Invasive egg pregnancy;
  • Culture cell cancer.

About 80% of cases after abortion will work well. The remaining about 20% of cultured atoms continue to grow and lead to the above complications.

7. Follow-up after egg pregnancy treatment

After abortion, patientsshould be closely monitored for dangerous complications. Patients should monitor beta hCG after smoking eggs for about 2 weeks. Perform the test every two weeks for the first 3 months and then spasm after each month until the end of 12 months.

Note: Contraceptives should be used within 1 year after smoking an abortion.

8. When pregnancy may return

After egg pregnancy treatment,women need to wait about 1 year for the hCG beta concentration to return to normal levels to get pregnant again. After pregnancy returns, it is recommended to go for a routine ultrasound for the first 3 months to ensure no abnormalities occur.

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