Is continuous pregnancy worrying?

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Machine pregnancy monitoring is a simple and effective way for a pregnant woman to check the state of the baby's health in the abdomen. Many pregnant women are worried when they see the fetus constantly, so is it okay to have a lot of pregnancies?

1. Signs of pregnancy recognition

The period of time the woman begins to feel the fetal movement is different. For pregnant women with children compared, the start time is 18-20 weeks; with the dog, 16-18 weeks earlier. The mother most clearly feels the fetal movement at the time after week 24 of pregnancy. After the second trimepcle, the pregnant mother may feel less movement than before, but in essence, according to the normal course of pregnancy, the fetal movement is gradually becoming more "organized" and going into stabilization; each movement is slower but the intensity is stronger and clearer.

As the development of the fetus with each week grows, the mother will feel more clearly through the strong pedaling and waving of the baby.

  • The first stage of pregnancy (Weeks 7 – 16 of pregnancy): The mother may not feel the baby's movement clearly because this stage is only very light. Sometimes there are cases: there are regular pregnancy days but there are interrupted days. However, during this period, the mother should not be too worried because each baby has its own time schedule and movement, sometimes those movements are not strong enough for the mother to feel.
  • Clear machine pregnancy (Weeks 16 – 22 of pregnancy): This is considered to be the stage of pregnancy that begins to manifest it clearly and the mother can feel with irregular, less powerful movements to stronger and more regular movements. This is also the time when mothers should learn how to monitor the pregnancy to understand the state of health of the fetus. It is recommended to monitor the pregnancy in the mornings, at noon, at least or at least once a day. You only need to spend 30 minutes in a row to be able to count the number of pregnancies. A small note is that when the pregnancy sleeps there is usually no fetal movement, and the average sleep duration of the fetus varies from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Is continuous pregnancy worrying?

Signs of pregnancy recognition
  • Powerful machine pregnancy (Weeks 28 – 38 of pregnancy): This is the time when the machine manifests itself strongly with the trampling, turning, limbs or full-body movement that the mother feels. At this time, the mother also needs to distinguish so as not to confuse the pregnancy with the uterus mound. The mound of the uterus hardens the abdomen, depending on the degree but also causes pain, while the pregnancy is only felt in one abdominal area.

2. Continuous machine pregnancy

Is it good to have a lot of pregnancy? This is the concern of many pregnant mothers when feeling the fetus move, pedal continuously in the womb.

The fetus begins to make movements from the 8th week. However, initially the movements were gentle so the pregnant woman barely felt it. As the fetus develops the mkeletal system, the movement becomes stronger and the mother easily feels this movement. The pregnancy strengthens when the fetus is awake, which is stimulated by sound, by gently shaking the abdominal wall. When the pregnancy sleeps, there will be few machines or lying still. When the pregnancy is deprived of oxygen (the amount of blood transferred from the mother to the baby is reduced), the amniotic fluid is less, the fetus will weaken. Monitoring pregnancy movement is how the mother monitors her baby's health on her own. Your pregnancy machine is strong and even every day as well. It is important that you have a regular pregnancy check-up by appointment for your doctor to assess the health of your mother and pregnancy.

The phenomenon of pregnancy appears more clearly from weeks 16 to 22, so the pregnancy is constantly a normal fetal movement, showing that the fetus is in good health, but pregnant women need to monitor the pregnancy movement regularly, see the pregnancy continuously accompanied by other abnormal signs, it is advisable to see a doctor for timely examination.

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