Can a 4-month pregnancy break?

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Pregnancy at 4 months is equivalent to 16 weeks. According to experts, a 16-week-old pregnancy can still suspend pregnancy. However, at this time, the fetus almost develops comprehensively in all aspects. Therefore, doctors often advise pregnant women to retain the fetus. Except for cases where the fetus has malformations; the health of the mother is not guaranteed to be considered.

1. What is abortion?

In medicine, abortion is defined as an end of pregnancy by removing, removing, removing the embryo or fetus from the mother's uterus before the time of birth. Abortion can occur naturally because of complications during pregnancy, or intentionally caused. In case of pregnancy, abortion is purposefully called treatment or option.

Cases should be an abortion when it is the only option to save the life of the mother; prevent physical or mental effects of the mother; the pregnancy process has signs that the fetus is at increased risk of physical malformations or disability or to reduce the choice of the number of embryos to minimize the risks associated with multiple embryonic pregnancies.

With the development of medicine today, to ensure the life and health of pregnant women. Medicine has launched many methods to suspend pregnancy safe for pregnant women and effective such as:

  • Method of suspension of pregnancy with drugs
  • Vacuum method
  • Methods of nod and pregnancy
  • Each method of pregnancy suspension will be suitable for each age of the fetus.

Drug abortions during breastfeeding

Pregnancy can be suspended with medication

2. Is abortion dangerous

So is it dangerous to have an abortion? In fact, there are many complications that can occur after an abortion, the most common of which is genital infections. Because the uterus is absolutely aseptic, but when performing an abortion procedure, the tools and manipulations performed can cause bleeding, facilitating bacterial penetration.

Mild causes endometritis,which can lead to inflammation of the uterus, proboscis and can lead to infertility. More dangerous if bacteria enter the bloodstream can cause blood infections, this case if not treated in time can lead to death.

Abortion and suction operations if not performed proper medical techniques can cause the cervical to be torn, conceived, missed. Failure to be detected in time can lead to severe bleeding and a high risk of inflammation.

However, if you choose a reputable medical facility, a doctor with expertise and modern medical equipment, it is possible to minimize complications when having an abortion. Abortions should not be recommended in small medical facilities; inadequate equipment; doctor's qualifications are not guaranteed. Because if these facilities are selected, pregnant women will face the above unpredictable harmful complications.

3. Can a 4-month pregnancy break?

Pregnancy at 4 months is equivalent to 16 weeks. According to experts, a 16-week-old pregnancy can still suspend pregnancy. However, at this time, the fetus has developed comprehensively in all aspects. At the same time the fetus has close links with the mother's body. Therefore, doctors often advise pregnant women to retain the fetus. Except in the case, the fetus has malformations; the health of the mother cannot guarantee the continued pregnancy. New doctors recommend a 16-week abortion.

Moreover, the 16-week-old pregnancy is quite large in size. A large abortion at this time will more or less affect the health of the pregnant woman. Therefore, when deciding to have a 16-weekabortion, pregnant women should go to reputable medical facilities to ensure safety; effective for yourself.

16th week fetus

Fetuses in the 4th month should not suspend the pregnancy

4. How to get an abortion over 4 months old?

For a 4-month-old pregnancy, the application of abortion method also needs to be selected to ensure the safety of the health as well as the life of the mother.

For abortions over 4 months of age, other simple abortions such as drug abortions, abortions, and abortions cannot be used. because there will be many risks to the health as well as the life of the mother. Therefore, with such a large abortion, it is safest to use abortion.

Pregnancy is a combination of internal medicine and gynecology. It is a combination of drugs with specialized medical instruments to act on the mother's uterus to end fetal development and take the fetus out. However, not everyone can apply this measure of abortion.

This method of abortion applies only to the following cases:

  • The fetus must be between the ages of 13 and 18 weeks.
  • The mother does not suffer from inflammatory or gynecologic diseases.
  • The mother's health must be stable and ensured; do not suffer from liver, kidney diseases or allergies to the components of the abortion pill.

Therefore, to know exactly if a 16-week-old abortion can be performed by the method of pregnancy, you should go to a specialized medical facility for doctors to conduct examinations as well as choose a safe and appropriate method of pregnancy suspension.

Master. Dr. Trinh Thi Thanh Huyen is highly trained in obstetric ultrasound, laparoscopic surgery and endoscopy at the National Health Hub of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has more than 13 years of experience working at Hai Phong Obstetrics and Gynecology Health Hub.

Currently, the doctor is a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology at Share99 Hai Phong International Health Hub

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