Vaginal atrophy occurs most often after menopause

Vaginal atrophy is one of the changes of the body during menopause, which occurs most often after menopause due to a deterioration of the hormone estrogen that leads to thinning of the layer into the vagina.

1. When does vaginal atrophy occur most often?

Normal vagina is nourished by the hormone estrogen. After menopause due to the deterioration of the hormone estrogen leads to vaginal atrophy such as: Vaginal tissues will become thinner and peel off thereby resulting in the vagina becoming less elastic and more vulnerable.

For many women, the time to start vaginal dryness is not during menopause, it begins a few years after menopause, which when estrogen levels gradually decrease over time reduces slipperies and causes vaginal tissues to narrow and shorten.

2. How to treat vaginal atrophy?

The goal of treatment improves vaginal atrophy and improves quality of life. Treatments include: Using moisturizing drugs or lubricants that can help treat vaginal dryness. If the symptoms are severe, your doctor may recommend alternative treatment of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen will improve the elasticity of the vagina and moisten the vagina naturally. This therapy will work for several weeks. Estrogen can be used orally or as a topical cream.

Solutions to limit the condition caused by vaginal atrophy:

Vaginal atrophy

Post-menopause due to deterioration of the hormone estrogen leads to vaginal atrophy
  • Use colorless and odorless products: Avoid fragranced detergents, dyes, fabric softeners, and anti-cling products when washing underwear to avoid irritation.
  • Spend more time: Increase the opening time before intersing to have enough time for the vagina to be lubricated and stimulated.
  • Change habits and hygiene products: Avoid vaginal douching, use hard soap, fragrant soap, and vaginal rinses, which can make vaginal itching dry worse.
  • Use simple toilet paper: Use only odorless white toilet paper.
  • Vaginal lubricants: Vaginal lubricants are an excellent way to reduce friction, immediately resolve vaginal dryness and painful sex. Products containing water and silicone are encouraged to use more oil because oil can tear condoms, increasing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Vaginal moisturizing: Vaginal moisturizers differ from lubricants in that they help vaginal moisture last longer, similar to natural vaginal lubrication. When used regularly to relieve the symptoms of dry pain during sex, the effect of moisturizers can last 3-4 days.
  • Wearing cotton panties and wearing body-fit underwear can improve your symptoms. Cotton underwear makes it possible for air to flow in the genitals and, therefore, bacteria will grow less.
  • Keeping a healthy sex life can increase blood flow to the vagina and stimulate the natural humidity of the vagina. Sexual activities have no effect on estrogen intake. But because it boosts blood flow to the vagina, it can help your genitals be healthier. Taking the time to "warm up" may make the relationship more comfortable.

Treatment of vaginal atrophy

Treatment goals improve vaginal atrophy and improve quality of life

In order to help customers detect and treat other gynecologic diseases early, Share99 International Health Hub has a basic gynecologicexamination and screening package, helping customers detect inflammatory diseases early, making treatment easy and inexpensive. The basic gynecology examination and screening package for female clients, with no age limit and possible symptoms as follows:

  • Abnormal bleeding of the vaginal area
  • Menstrual problems: abnormally prolonged cycles, menstrual disorders
  • Abnormal vaginal translation (bad smell, unusual color)
  • Pain, itching of the closed area
  • Female customers have a few risk factors such as bad personal hygiene, unsafe sex,abortion,…
  • Female customers have other symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, pain in the closed area, abnormal vaginal bleeding.

If you have abnormal symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

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