Gym doesn't go up, why?

For the majority of those who go to the gym, the ultimate goal is to build muscle and tone. Although they may have studied and watched many workout videos, some still make many common mistakes that prevent the gym from gaining muscle. Therefore, it is necessary to actively find out why the gym does not muscle to have a way to overcome and achieve the growth and progress goals for yourself.

1. The body is not given enough calories

Consuming insufficient calories is the answer to the question of why the gym does not get on the muscles. The body needs a certain amount of calories to maintain the current weight and varies in each person depending on weight, muscle mass, activity level, age … If the amount of calories admitted is lower than the basic needs, the body will lose weight. On the contrary, if the daily calories received are higher, the body will gain weight. At this time, excess calories combined with new workouts can increase muscle.

Therefore, if you want to build muscle and gain weight, the amount of calories loaded into the body needs more than the consumption by adding 500. This is the amount of calories that should be eaten every day to build muscle.

2. Do not eat the right foods to increase muscle

In general, if you eat an extra amount of calories every day and train with a good training regime, each athlete will develop. However, if you do not eat the right foods, you will most likely limit your potential, create excess fat in your body and not develop enough lean muscles.

The best way to plan a muscle-building diet is to divide it into protein/carbohydrate/fat ratio according to the best muscle gain rate of 30/50/20. This means that the body should receive 30% of the total calories from protein, 50% from carbohydrates and 20% from fat.

3. Not eating enough meals during the day causes the gym not to muscle

Eating enough meals is just as important as what needs to be eaten. Eating enough 3 meals a day is only suitable for normal people who are not suitable for gym people who need muscle gain.

Research has explained that eating more smaller meals not only helps promote rapid metabolism, but also helps maintain weight and muscle gain. Accordingly, gym people who need to increase muscle should set a minimum target for 6 meals evenly throughout the day. These meals can be prepared as balanced as possible or they can also be eaten a little more at breakfast/lunch/dinner, less in the rest of the meals if there is no time.

Another option that helps increase meals is to simplify the way it is prepared. There is nothing easier than put a little water in a shaker with a little energy-rich flour. Meal replacement shakes typically contain about 600 calories with protein, BCAAs, glutamine and carbohydrates that are good for muscle gain.

Gym doesn't get on your muscles

Eating insufficient meals, enough substances is the reason why you do not go to the gym

4. Do not drink enough water

Water is a miraculous supplement of nature, necessary for the whole function of the body. Therefore, the gym does not get on the muscles can be caused by drinking insufficient water. Many gym people underestimate the importance of providing enough water to the body before entering the gym. During the gym, the body excretes a lot of sweat, the rehydration is no longer valid at this time.

Therefore, it is necessary to give yourself the habit of drinking enough water should be prioritized from the time you step out of bed. Dehydration is a serious problem and in severe cases can lead to death. Here are some signs of dehydration to keep an attention to:

  • Feeling thirsty
  • tired
  • Dry mouth and possible sore throat
  • Headache
  • Eat out of appetite
  • Dark urine, with a heavy smell

Since drinking enough water is easy to do and there is no reason why it is impossible to do it. In addition, if some supplements are used to increase muscle, such as creatine, which can lead to dehydration, it is necessary to increase the daily amount of water consumed.

5. Improper workout habits

Gym habits are not suitable for body type, exercise experience and missing goals are the causes of gym not on muscles. Many beginners lift muscles according to training procedures from magazines and articles written by professional gymnthies that are not suitable for beginners, which will only lead to a great waste of time, energy and frustration.

Thus, a good workout routine requires the following:

  • Arrange appropriate training days for a full rest
  • Avoid over-exercising certain muscle groups
  • Arrange workouts in muscle groups so that each muscle can work to the maximum
  • Have a warm-up and relax operation at the end of the exercise

However, it is still important to know and understand the characteristics of the body type. Different body types will react to different methods of exercise.

6. Maintain the same exercise for too long

Muscle building is simply the process by which the body reacts to an increase in stress on each muscle group. Accordingly, gym people with the goal of increasing muscle are actively stressing their muscles in the gym and as a result they grow larger to cope with stress.

However, the body very quickly adapts to any changes, including the process of training. Therefore, once the body has adapted to the prolonged workout routine will not see the need to build more muscle or become stronger. At this point, changing the exercise is necessary.

7. Not focusing on progress

Progress is a constant increase in weight, stress and intensity necessary to give the body more muscle development. Accordingly, the trainer should aim to improve at least one aspect of his training every week, be it increasing muscle weight, size or strength.

To do this, gym people need to keep a workout diary. Before each training session, it is advising to look back at what was done in the last week, the weight level and the exact number of exercises. Then it is to identify what goals to achieve, what wants to improve and implement it.

8. The body is not fully rested

Exercise habits do not allow the body to rest fully is the cause of the gym does not increase muscle. Rest is as important as practicing. Many believe that muscle building takes place in the gym, but the reality is the opposite. Weight training actually creates millions of tears in muscle tissue. At this time, the muscles are "inflated" due to swelling and increased blood flow to this area. The process of real muscle building (repair and development of new muscle tissue) takes place outside the gym, i.e. when the body is resting and sleeping.

There are two reasons why gym people don't get enough rest. First, the trainees are in the stage of practicing too many days without any day off. Although it may not feel, the body still needs complete rest days to recover from hard workouts. Not only muscles need recovery, but the entire nervous system, tendons, joints, even the brain need to be relaxed.

Secondly, the workout regime may not allow muscle groups to fully recover between workouts. As such, the muscles will not grow. If muscle groups still have muscle aches and pains from the previous training session, do not rush to re-practice. For most muscle groups, one training session per week is enough. Some smaller muscle groups such as calves and abdominal muscles can be practiced twice but still need to rest for at least 2 days between training sessions.

Gym doesn't get on your muscles

One of the reasons the gym does not get on your muscles you need to keep in mind is not to rest enough

9. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is the time for the body to recharge. For gym people or even fitness coaches, sleep after gym helps the body have the opportunity to repair damaged muscle tissue and develop more muscles.

Therefore, gym people need to try to maintain a full sleep of 7-8 hours a night.

10. Not building motivation to exercise is the reason gym does not get on the muscles

Finally, if the gym does not muscle, it may be because the exercise person lacks motivation. Here are some ways you can stay motivated and focused on your workouts:

  • Workout logs: Set small goals that can be achieved every two weeks (using logs to record results, good or bad).
  • Take a photo before and after the episode: Take a photo of someone as a target and paste it into places that can be seen at all times.
  • Participate in muscle building discussions: Watch training and workout videos from experts before self-training.
  • Warm yourself up before each rehearsal with some exciting music.

In summary, the reasons why the gym does not have muscles listed above can help gym people realize the cause of being present to themselves. When you realize the shortcomings and timely adjust, absorb some advice on training, training, building a diet when doing gym; rest and especially build the right motivation, gym people will quickly achieve the desired muscle goals.

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