Under what cases does vaginal forming work?

Vaginal malformations are a type of birth defect that is rare in female babies due to unknown causes. Vaginal malformations can be short vaginas, blindfolded vaginas, no vaginas … regardless of the deformity, it has a significant impact on a woman's sex life and ability to be a mother. Vaginal reconstructthosurgey was born in support of women with congenital vaginal deformities.

1. What is vaginal forming?

Vaginal reconstructive surgery is a vaginal restoration surgery that helps the vagina after the birth process to be stretched, or to shape the vagina insubjects with vaginal deformity , without the purpose of surgery to create a vaginal tube of sufficient size, ensuring the ability to excrete and allow intersoperability.

After repeated childbirth or aging the muscle layer in the vagina reduces elasticity, reducing the sensation of intersing. In cases of vaginal malformation, the vagina is too short, the vagina seals or does not have a vagina that interferes with the interpym. The non-vaginal event resulted in the woman being unable to have intersed and incapable of having children. In addition, if a woman has a vaginal seal, when it comes to puberty there is menstruation, it will cause stagnation because the menstrual blood does not escape, if prolonged causes compression of neighboring muscles, the infection needs to be detected and operated on early.

Vaginal reconstructing surgery gives women with vaginal deformities the same normal sex life as any other woman, and can help them realize their dream of motherhood.

2. When does vaginal forming work?

Vaginal reconstructthm surgery is in the following for the following subjects:

  • Vaginal malformation:
  • Without a congenital vagina, this is a special birth defect. Vaginal insularity, which leads to secretion and menstruation each month, does not escape, causing stagnation if not detected early leading to squeezing of the surrounding muscles and infection. In this case if the function of the ovaries and uterus is normal, then after negative formation there is still the possibility of childbirth as usual.

Under what cases does vaginal forming work?

Vagina of unusual shape
  • Sealed hymen: Because the hymen is closed, this is also the cause of menstrual stagnation.
  • Vaginal septum deformity: There are 2 cases, the first is if the horizontal vaginal septum can be above, middle or lower of the vagina, in this case, if the septum seals the vagina, there will be manifestations such as the case of a sealed hymen, and if the septum has a hole, it will interfere with sexual activity , often detected during sexual activity. The second is that the vertical septum does not cause vaginal sealing, but during intersym it will lead to pain or insystance.
  • The vagina is too short: In the case of a short vagina can increase the risk of women havinggenital sassy , thereby affecting the sexual life of the couple.
  • Dilated vagina: Causes women with vaginal expansion due to post-pregnancy, childbirth of muscle roofing in the vagina with reduced elasticity; due to the aging process; Because the need for sexual activity is too great. The widening of the vagina reduces sensation and cause women to lose confidence during intercourse, which can lead to undesirables in couples' sex lives.

Some cases where vaginal reconstructthm surgery is not recommended include:

  • Pregnant women in this case if there is a need to do it after birth.
  • In the menstrual cycle.
  • Gynecologic diseases: Vamatitis, cervical inflammation… not thoroughly treated.
  • Chronic medical conditions:Tuberculosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases
  • Some cases have psychological abnormalities

3. What to pay attention to when creating a vagina

Vaginal reconstructing requires surgical intervention, so there may be a number of complications to monitor such as:

  • During surgery can cause complications of perforation of the rectum, urethra. This is very rare, but if you see a doctor, you will handle it by stitching up the lesion
  • Infection: It is necessary to monitor if fever, foul yellow discharge in the vagina, soreness does not decrease need to be notified to medical staff.
  • Sensory disturbances that change sensations, can reduce sensation during interseding, reduce pleasure
  • Prolonged pain
  • Scar formation

Under what cases does vaginal forming work?

Before and after vaginal formation

Also some other problem notes such as:

  • If surgery is in place due to excessive stretching of the vagina, it is necessary to consult a doctor before deciding. In this case, it is recommended to opt for non-surgical methods rather than surgery. As the pelvic floor exercises are correct method.
  • Care after vaginal formation:
  • Pay attention to clean the cutting area with antiseptic solution every day, in prevention of infection.
  • Use the drug prescribed by a doctor.
  • Avoid strong activity after about 1 to 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid touching, scratching, or colliding with the surgical area.
  • After surgery, the patient has a vaginal nong about 3-6 months, and after 6 months of surgery it is possible to have male intersym.
  • In addition, it is necessary to re-examine at the request of the treating doctor or when abnormal signs occur.

Women with abnormal signs such as no menstruation, inaperance or difficult intercourse are signs of vaginal abnormalities, should be examined for causes and early processing interventions, early surgical intervention increases the chances of success.

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