Why inject your buttocks?

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As we know, there are many different drugs, there are types that are used orally, there are types that are used by injection or infusion…. Re-injectable drugs are divided into intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intracutaneous,… Buttocks are a commonly chosen location when using intramuscular drugs.

1. Why inject your buttocks?

First of all, we need to understand that injections are the use of pumps and needles to pump a solution dissolved in oil, in water or in the form of a mixture into the body through intravenous, muscular, subcutaneous, in the skin or into theeal cavities, the living tube,… The injection of the drug in the body usually works faster than taking the drug.

Intramuscular injection is injected into the muscles of the patient, the drug will work faster than subcutaneous injections. Because the muscles are much perfused and always contracted, therefore the process of absorption of the drug at the muscles is faster in the connective tissue under the skin. At the same time, the pain sensation in the muscles is not as sensitive as subcutaneous tissue, so it is possible to intramuscularly inject powerful stimulants such as Streptomycin, Penicillin, Emetin, Quinin, healing serum or blood that can also be injected into the intramuscularly.

Intramuscular injections can be given in the arms, in the thighs or in the buttocks. So why do we often see more butt injections? That's because the buttock muscles are a large muscle with a large muscle mass, and this is also a safe place because there are few nerves and large blood vessels passing through. Therefore, doctors and nurses often choose to inject buttocks for intramuscularly prescribed drugs.

Quinin butt injection drug

Quinin Strong Stimulant

2. Intrained and contrainttrained butt injections

2.1. Butt injection is in dinh

Butt injections as well as intramuscular injections in general can inject a variety of issymous solution such as:

  • Long-lasting oily drugs, easy to cause pain.
  • Ete, Quinin.
  • Colloidal solution, mercury salt, silver salt, antibiotics, hormones,… slow to dissolve, causing pain, so intramuscular injections are required.
  • In theory, all drugs injected into the subcutaneous connective tissue can be injected intramuscularly except caffeine.
  • There are some drugs that should not or should not be injected into a vein but want to be effective faster than subcutaneous injections, it is recommended to inject intramuscularly.
  • The drug is easy to stimulate when injected subcutaneously, slow absorption can be injected intramuscularly.
  • In case of cracked skin, subcutaneous injections are not in dinhated.

Injections, injections, water drugs

Long-lasting oil-soluble drugs

2.2. Contraint of butt injections

Intramuscular injections in general and butt injections in particular are contrained with drugs that cause organizational necrosis such as Calci chloride, Ouabain,…

3. Butt injection technique

3.1. Locate the butt injection

The buttock area has large blood vessels and a large hip nerve that runs through so it is necessary to determine the exact injection site to avoid injection into the sciatica. However, do not worry, because the buttock area is very large, it is also very easy to locate the injection.

The buttock area is limited by 4 lines, which are:

  • Above: determined by the seam of two pelvic crests.
  • Bottom: is the butt crease.
  • Inside: is the inter-buttock groove.
  • Outer: is the outer edge of the buttocks.

There are 2 ways to locate the butt injection that are:

  • Way 1:
  • Divide one side of the buttocks into 4 equal parts, the injection site is at 1/4 on the outer.
  • If injected into the outer lower part will inject into the hip joint.
  • If injected into the inner parts will enter the enlarged hip nerve and blood vessels.
  • Way 2:
  • Proceed to line a straight seam from the upper front pelvic spine to the coccyx, dividing this segment into 3 equal parts, the injection position is 1/3 on the outer part of this segment.
  • The reason is that this area has a thick muscle layer, without large hip nerves and large blood vessels.

The patient's position when injecting the buttocks is one of the following two:

  • The patient is lying on his stomach.
  • The facerest sits against the back of the seat and the hands embrace the back of the seat to reveal the other buttocks out is the injection site.

Locate the butt injection

Locate the butt injection

3.2. Practice butt injection techniques

Butt injection techniques have two ways:

One-time butt injection:

  • Reveal the buttock area then locate the injection in either of the above ways.
  • Disinfect the injection site with iodine alcohol, then with 700 alcohol.
  • Nursing conducts hand sanitizer with 700 alcohol.
  • Left hand: use your thumb and index finger to tighten the skin of the injection site.
  • Right hand: holding the syringe that has taken the drug and has the needle, the little finger supported the needle; thumb, middle finger, ring finger held on the injection pump body; the index finger support the injectable intestine, pierce the corner into the injection site, quickly press the needle deep, but do not submerge the needle, about 0.5 – 1cm away. In case the needle touches the bone, it is necessary to draw a little. Then the left hand lets go of the skin, turning the plunger slightly to see if there is blood on it. If there is no blood, slowly pump the drug in, during the injection it is necessary to monitor the patient's facial chroma.
  • When the medicine is fully pumped in the syringe, the left hand is placed on the buttocks to tighten the skin as before, the right hand gently withdraws the needle quickly vertically.
  • Carry out disinfection of the injection site with alcohol.

Practice butt injection techniques

Practice butt injection techniques

Two-time butt injection:

  • Reveal the buttock area then locate the injection in either of the above ways.
  • Disinfect the injection site with iodine alcohol, then with 700 alcohol.
  • Nursing conducts hand sanitizer with 700 alcohol.

Then 1:

  • The left hand uses the thumb and index finger to tighten the skin of the injection site. The right hand uses the thumb and index finger to hold the needle firmly, at which point the needle has not yet plugged into the injection pump.
  • The other three fingers of the right hand fold and pat the patient's buttocks gently to distract the focus, then pierce the needle quickly at an angle of 900 to the correct injection site. Like the above, do not flood the needle.

Then 2:

  • After stabbing the needle in the buttocks before installing the injection pump, the drug was injected and expelled all the gas into the needle. Check if there's blood. If there is no blood, proceed to pump the drug slowly in and monitor the patient. If there is blood, it is necessary to pull out the needle and inject it into another position.
  • When the injection runs out, the nurse uses the thumb and index finger to tighten the skin, the right hand draws the needle quickly vertically.
  • Reseptic the injection site with alcohol.

4. Complications when injecting buttocks

When injecting intramuscular buttocks may experience some of the following complications:

  • Needle wrenching accident, needle fracture
  • Pierce the needle into the big hip nerve.
  • Causes embol embolbola.
  • Infectious anesthrosis, harmless anesthrosis.
  • Causing array items…
  • Anaphylactic shock: this is the most dangerous accident.

Butt injection is a commonly used form of intramuscular injection, because the injection site is large buttock muscles, the determination of which is easy. However, if you are subjective, or do not know how to locate and technique injections, it can still lead to dangerous accidents for patients.

Injection site-based oversapplied

Infected oversices at the injection site

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