What is positive thinking and how to have?

In today's modern world with a multitude of pressures and stresses, positive thinking plays a very important role in psychological balance. Positive thinking in life helps us to control stress and can even improve health.

1. What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking means approaching life's challenges with a positive perspective, focusing on the good in any situation.

Thinking positively doesn't mean seeing life through a pink lens doesn't mean we're going to ignore bad things. Instead, we receive discomfort in a more positive and effective way.

the power of positive thinking

The power of positive thinking will help you live happier and more optimistic lives

2. Benefits of positive thinking

The health benefits that positive thinking brings include:

  • Increased life expectancy
  • Reduce the rate of depression
  • Reduce the level of suffering
  • Increased resistance to common colds
  • Better physical health and a stronger mentality
  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced cardiovascular mortality
  • Better problem-solving capacity during difficult and stressful times

The power of positive thinking helps us better cope with stressful situations, reducing the health harm of stress on the body. Positive and optimistic people will also tend to live healthier lives, be more physically active, have a better diet and do not abuse alcohol or tobacco.

3. Identify negative thoughts

Before building positive thoughts, weneed to recognize negative thoughts to change them:

  • Pay attention only to the negative side of things: you completely ignore the good sides and focus only on the bad things.
  • Blame yourself: when something bad happens, you always think of yourself as your fault.
  • Pessimistic inferred: you always think of the worst direction that will happen.
  • Face-to-face thinking: you see the problem only as good or bad.

When you see a negative thought, try to stop it and shift the focus to a positive direction.

positive thoughts in life

Positive thinking in life is an important factor

4. Practice positive thinking

Once we're in control of negative thoughts, that's when we see the problem in a positive way. There are many ways to think and act in a more optimistic way, including:

  • Laugh more. A study has shown that people who smile (or even laugh artificially) while doing a stressful job will feel more positive afterwards. Of course the effect will be greater if it is a sincere smile. So take your time and seek humor from people or things that make you laugh.
  • Re-identify the current situation. When something bad happens, instead of getting upset, let's find the positives of the problem. For example, when you are stuck in prolonged traffic, remember the comfort of sitting in a car. Make the most of your time reading, listening to music, or watching a movie you like.
  • Visualize the bright future you can achieve. Think in detail about the good prospect for your future of your career, relationships, health and write that on paper. Research shows that when we imagine our lives are going well, we're happier now.
  • Focus on your advantages. Think about your strengths every day, plan how to use that advantage that day, and do it. Those who did this in a study felt happier and reduced the symptoms of depression.
  • Build a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a scientific diet are key to psychological balance, mood improvement and stress reduction.

In short, positive thinking is a view of the problem in a positive optimistic way. In order to have a positive thought in life, we must identify the current situation, plan for the future, focus on the strengths of the current problem.

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