Early ovarian failure: Causes of rare infertility

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Ovarian failure is a common cause of infertility, rarely in women. So what is early ovarian failure, what are the causes and signs of early ovarian failure?

1. What is early ovarian failure?

Early ovarian failure is an ovarian functional outage in women after puberty and before the age of 40. Early ovarian failure if not detected and treated in time is a cause of rare and late infertility.

2. Causes of early ovarian failure

Possible causes of ovarian failure include

  • Thyroid autoenchitis: Auto-immune thyroiditis causes a destroyed thyroid condition that may be accompanied by ovarian failure.
  • Prolonged stress: Frequent stress causes plant nerve dysfunction that affects the secretion of hormones in the body, reducing the hormone estrogen that causes premature ovarian failure.
  • Ovarian removal: Due to some disease, one or both sides of the ovaries must be cut.
  • Viral infections: Like the virus, Herpes Simplex virus… Viruses can cause ovarian inflammation that affects ovarian function and causes early ovarian failure.
  • Excessive weight loss: The composition of estrogen is fat, so when losing weight excessively causes the percentage of fats to fall low, affecting the amount of estrogen in the body, causing menstrual disorders, early ovarian failure.
  • Smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol

Early ovarian failure: Causes of rare infertility

Smoking is the cause of early ovarian failure
  • Due to contamination of toxic chemicals, exposure to radiation.

3. How does ovarian failure affect health?

Ovarian failure if not detected and treated early causes infertility, rarely in females. In addition, ovarian failure is also the cause of decreased libido, affecting couple relations.

Women with early ovarian failure increase their risk of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis …

Long-term illness also affects a woman's physical and mental well-being.

4. Methods of treatment of ovarian failure

Currently there is no method that can restore ovarian function, but only treat a number of diseases.

With rare treatment:About 5-10% of patients diagnosed with early ovarian failure can become pregnant without treatment. The majority of other cases of wanting to get pregnant need to apply assisted reproduction methods such as in vismable in vismation or in vismable in vismation.

Alternative hormone treatments: Toalleviate symptoms such as vascular disorders, sexual dysfunction, mental improvement, reduce fatigue, prevent osteoporosis …

Early ovarian failure: Causes of rare infertility

Early ovarian failure in women

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