Ovarian failure – the cause of female infertility

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Early ovarian failure is considered one of the causes of female or rare infertility. Women with impaired ovaries who want to have children need to be detected to choose the method of artificial inse fertilization by asking for eggs of healthy people.

1. Early ovarian failure and signs

Early ovarian failure is a condition in which the functions of the ovaries are impaired and aging before the age of 40. Depending on the cause of the disease, early ovarian function deterioration may be a congenital disease or may also arise at the beginning of puberty.

The following signs are often noticed in women with early ovarian failure such as:

  • Menstrual disorders ,little or no menstruation for long periods of time, may be without menstruation
  • Symptoms similar to menopause : Hot-fire, or sweating at night
  • Decreased physical function, dry vagina, less libido
  • Urinary disorders lead to urination or excessive urination.
  • If ultrasound can see small and ster never developed ovaries
  • If a blood test can see a decrease in estrogen hormone levels

In addition to menstrual disorders and the above signs, dangerous complications of early ovarian failure can be causing osteoporosis, depression and even infertility.

Early ovarian failure: Causes of rare infertility

Early ovarian failure reduces psychological function and menstrual disorders

2. What causes early ovarian failure

Some of the causes of early ovarian failure include:

  • Thyroiditis and other auto-immune diseases
  • Diseases that require treatment, surgery to remove one or two sides of the ovaries, leading to disorders and impaired function of the ovaries early
  • Sudden loss of menstruation with manifestations such as small amount of neuron, sparse cycle …
  • Infected with a number of viruses that affect HSV ovarian function, quad viruses,
  • The body loses excessive and sudden weight, which affects estrogen levels causing menstrual disorders or loss of menstruation, early ovarian failure
  • Regular use of stimulants such as tobacco, alcohol, …
  • Frequently being in a state of excessive and long-term stress can affect hormones in the body, leading to impaired functioning of the ovaries.

Headaches caused by prolonged stress

Stress, pressure are one of the causes of early ovarian failure

3. Treatment of early ovarian failure

So far there is no active treatment to be able to improve the reproduction function of earlyovarian sedity. The treatment of ovarian failure is mainly taking supplements and enhancing the hormone estrogen to relieve symptoms such as menstrual disorders, libido disorders, improving skin problems as well as physical, mood, … at the same time prevents the drop of estrogen that causes osteoporosis.

4. What to do if you have ovarian failure to have children?

Since there is currently no treatment to help restore the function of the ovaries, the majority of women with ovarian decline who want to have children must apply in viin in vismable fertilization to support reproduction. After visiting a doctor and being tested to diagnose whether there is ovarian failure, depending on the case and the degree of functional deterioration of the disease, the doctor will give appropriate treatment.

Early ovarian failure is considered the "culprit" that leads to female infertility. Because there is no active treatment, patients who want to give birth are largely in vised.

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  • Pain, itching of the closed area
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