Swelling of the ankle during pregnancy

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During pregnancy the woman's body will have a lot of changes, which include swelling of the ankles. So why does a pregnant woman often have swelling of the ankle, if there is a swelling of the pregnant ankle, we can find out through the article below.

1. Why do women get pregnant or have swollen ankles?

There are many different factors that contribute to foot edema and ankle swelling during pregnancy. The first factor to mention is that during pregnancy, the body retains more translation than usual. Next, the uterus grows larger (as the fetus grows), putting pressure on the veins,affecting the flow of blood in veins back to the heart. At the same time, sormonal changes also play a certain role.

2. What can a woman do to limit ankle swelling during pregnancy?

Foot edema and swelling of the ankles during pregnancy are very common phenomena and often disappear on their own after childbirth. During pregnancy, to reduce these phenomena, pregnant women can:

  • Reduce pressure on the legs: pregnant women should avoid standing for long periods of time. If possible, when sitting, fight your feet up, regularly rotate your ankles and gently fold to dilate the twin muscles on the shins. Better still, when lying down, raise your legs.
  • Lying asleep in the left inclined position: lying on the left side during sleep helps to avoid putting pressure on the lower aortic vein (which is a large vein that brings blood from the lower part of the body back to the heart). The effect will be more achieved if the legs are slightly raised by prescribing the lower pillow.
  • Wear pressure socks: your doctor may recommend that a pregnant woman wear supportive pants or pressure socks during the day.
  • Be physically active every day: walk, cycle on a stationary bike, or swim in the pool.
  • Standing on the spot or walking underwater (in the pool): although so far there has been little research on the use of water pressure in cases of foot pressure and swelling of the ankles, it seems that standing in place or walking underwater has the effect of putting pressure on the tissues in the legs and can reduce temporary swelling during pregnancy.
  • Spacious dressing: tight clothes can limit the flow of blood. Do not wear tight pants and socks on the ankle area or twin muscles on the shins.

Some studies suggest massage and acupressure of the feet (essentially putting pressure on certain areas of the foot) can help reduce leg edema and swelling of the ankles during pregnancy. Pregnant women also note that there is no need to reduce the amount of drinking water to avoid edema. The American Academy of Medicine recommends that pregnant women drink about 2.4 liters of water a day.

Swelling of the ankle during pregnancy

Swelling of the ankle during pregnancy you should see a doctor

Although edema of the legs and swelling of the ankle during pregnancy with a mild degree is normal, if sudden swelling of the edema accompanied by pain (especially when appearing only on one side of the leg) can be a sign of deep vein thrombosis. To be sure, see a doctor.

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Article reference source: mayoclinic.org


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