Week 8 pregnant woman's change

The article was consulted professionally by Specialist Ii Huynh Thi Hien – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Nha Trang International Health Hub.

The pregnant woman's body varies from week to week of pregnancy. By week 8, the fetus may notice many marked changes due to the rapid development of the fetus

1. Week 8 pregnant woman's change

By the 8th week, the fetus is growing at a rapid pace. This is the official stage of transition from the embryo to the fetus. During this period, the mother may feel some of the following changes:

  • Pregnancy is still on the rise this week. Common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to certain odors
  • This week pregnant women may feel tired , anxious or make little changes
  • Vaginal bleeding may occur, Vaginal bleeding is not necessarily a present manifestation, but it can be a sign of an extra-intra-uterus pregnancy or miscarriage. Therefore, women should contact their doctor immediately if they are found to have vaginal bleeding
  • The body's blood volume is increasing, the pregnant woman's heart is pumping 50% more blood per minute for the baby
  • The uterus inside the pelvis gradually enlarges as the fetus develops during the 8th week of pregnancy


During the 8th week of pregnancy pregnant women may feel sadness and anxiety

2. What pregnant women need to do in week 8

  • Wearing a supportive bra, which helps to better support the breast during pregnancy will help the pregnant woman feel more comfortable and prevent sagging in the future. Exercises to keep chest muscles toned can also be useful
  • Elaborating a healthy diet, it is recommended to eat easily digestable foods, replenish fiber and drink plenty of water every day (about 2-3 liters / day )
  • Supplement of essential vitamins and minerals in accordance with doctor's instructions
  • Pregnant mothers always think they are eating for two, but really only need to add about 300 calories a day and should break down meals (or 600 if the mother is pregnant with twins) to feed the baby that is about to be born
  • Share99 International Health Hub offers a full maternity care program from 12 weeks of pregnancy for women with routine 3D, 4D ultrasound and routine tests to ensure the mother is fully cared for and knows the comprehensive development of the fetus.
  • In addition to regular visits, women will also be consulted on nutrition, exercise, and participate in pre-maternity classes held weekly by the hospital to better care for the health of mothers and fetuses, ensuring a safe birth.

Dr. Huynh Thi Hien has more than 32 years of expertise in examination and treatment in the field of obstetrics and gynecology – family planning. In particular, Dr. Hien has a lot of experience in healthcare for women such as:

  • High-risk pregnant women
  • Rare infertility
  • Pre-birth and newborn screening
  • Prevention of birth defects
  • Pre-menopause end-to-end disorder
  • Screening for cancer of the birth line
  • Contraceptives

Customers can directly go to Share99 Health System nationwide for examination or contact the hotline here for assistance.

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