The change of pregnant women week 40

The article was consulted professionally by Bsck II Pham Thi Xuan Minh – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Share99 Hai Phong International Health Hub.

If as expected, the fetus will be born when the mother is 40 weeks pregnant. Not finding a comfortable lying position can lead to insomnia, so the last-week pregnant woman should take the maximum time to rest and relax during the day, in addition to getting ready to give birth to a baby.

1. What's so special about being 40 weeks pregnant?

For 40-week fetuses,boys tend to weigh more than girls. The fluff covering the fetal body has now fallen more. However, some positions such as the shoulders, skin folds and the back of the baby's ears still have a little hair that the mother can see after the baby is born.

Although the day of labor and childbirth is very close, the 40th week pregnant woman should not be too worried if the date of birth has not yet been labored. According to statistics, only about 5% of babies are born in accordance with the expected schedule.

40th Week Pregnant

Pregnant women in their 40s shouldn't be too worried if they're past their due date and haven't labored yet

A noteworthy point during pregnancy at 40 weeks is that pregnant women should not eat if there are signs of labor. Because a little food in the stomach at this time will also make the maternity nausea and vomiting.

2. How does the body of a 40-week pregnant woman change?

Last week's pregnant woman will soon feel real contractions for the first time. They come quickly and violently during real labor, lasting up to a minute or even longer each time. You'll feel this intense pain radiating from your stomach, lower back, and upper thighs. Although each woman faces different labors, they are very characteristic and unlike any pain she has ever experienced before. Pregnant women can ask their obstetrician what medications help relieve pain during this time to be used if necessary.

At birth, in addition to the fetus, the maternity must also be removed the blue placenta mass weighing about 900g, including the tissue and blood vessels that have nourished and protected the fetus in the last nine months. Although painful contractions continue, most women who have just gave birth for the first time feel too happy and happy to know that the baby is about to be born.

When taken to the hospital, the doctor will check the dility in the cervical of the 40th week pregnant woman. If the uterus dilates from 3 to 4cm, the mother will likely be injected with an anesthetic to help control the pain. Many women claim that injections of local anesthetics, before sural anesthesia, are the most painful stage in the whole birth process.

There are cases when a mother who is 40 weeks pregnant will give birth naturally without taking any supportive medications. However, this cannot be planned in advance because everything will change at the last minute, depending on the labor and childbirth at that time.

3. Common symptoms in pregnant women week 40

  • Braxton Hicks contractions

These false abdominal bouts will not increase in number and extent, and a slight walk or post-shift of the 40th week can relieve the above symptoms. These are the signs that distinguish Braxton Hicks contractions from those of real labor.

40th Week Pregnant

Braxton Hicks contractions are a common symptom of pregnant women at 40 weeks
  • Fetus reduces movement

Although the mother who is 40 weeks pregnant will feel a change in the baby's movement, or even a decrease in speed, the fetus is constantly moving inside the uterus. Usually the baby will kick, wiggle or curl about 10 times / hour.

  • Cervical dility

This week the cervical of the pregnant woman will open or the mucous membranes thin out. Through examination by obstetrician, expansion will be measured in centimeters and thinness in percentages. The cervical neck will continue to dilate and may bleed as a sign of early and active labor.

  • Diarrhea

The intestines of the pregnant woman are pinched quite a lot during pregnancy, so it is easy to cause gastrointestinal disorders. Loose bowel movements and symptoms of diarrhea this week may be a real sign of imminent labor.

  • Pelvic pain

Because the fetus has moved down the pelvic area causing the mother's hips and bladder to be pinched, it is easy to cause pain. If you have time, pregnant women in the last 2 weeks should schedule a pre-birth massage to soothe discomfort.

  • Leg cramps

It is unclear why 40-year-old pregnant women often have cramps, but it may be because their legs are under too much pressure from the weight of both mother and baby combined. When the pregnant woman has cramps or leg pain, it is possible to gently stretch the paws to improve the condition.

  • insomnia

Pregnant women in the last 2 weeks should limit the use of herbal functional foods or other over-the-counter sleeping pills. Instead, ask your partner for a relaxing massage to make it easier to fall asleep more naturally.

  • Instinct to "nest"

Sometimes the mother will feel energized in preparing everything for the baby that is about to be born. But sometimes pregnant women are so tired that they don't want to do anything. No need to worry too much because the alternation between these two states of opposition is completely normal.

4. Tips for pregnant women week 40

  • Ask your obstetrician about the reasons and forms of birth if your baby is not born on time;
  • Refer to acupuncture therapy to relax and relieve pain during this period;
  • Take precautions for slippery in the bathroom, avoid self-waxing with razors or waxing waxing that are easy to irritate the pregnant woman;
  • Soaking in the bath (the water is not too hot) or the pool is a way to help the body gently, eliminating part of the heavy weight of the mother and child;
  • Perform some gentle and appropriate exercises for the 40-weekpregnant woman , such as walking, twisting herself, turning her hips,..;

40th Week Pregnant

Pregnant women in week 40 should do some gentle and appropriate exercises
  • Go to the spa, go on a date with friends, watch movies,… are ways to help pregnant women in the last 2 weeks reduce thoughts or worries about the upcoming date of birth;
  • Snack when feeling hungry but avoid greasy foods and overeating.

The mood of excitement or anxiety about the date of birth during pregnancy at 40 weeks is inevitable. However, the last week pregnant woman feels healthy and reserves a lot of energy by trying to sleep at night. It is advisable to plan to do some gentle and entertaining things throughout the day to avoid being obsessed with when labor actually occurs.

Women who are 40 weeks pregnant should sign up for maternity care packages for Labor in reputable hospitals to get the best support from specialist doctors for this critically important period.

Maternity Care Program 2019 – Labor is part of the Maternity Care Program 2019 provided by Share99 International Health Hub as the first choice for pregnant women preparing to enter labor. When participating in the package, the pregnant woman was accompanied by an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist at Share99 during labor, with the full and best support from the international standard equipment system and attentive and dedicated service quality.

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