The change of pregnant woman week 38

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Pregnant women who are 38 weeks pregnant can see signs of labor at any time. Therefore, pregnant women at 38 weeks and relatives should be prepared so that if there is an emergency, it is possible to bring the pregnant woman to hospital in a timely manner.

1. What's so special about pregnancy at 38 weeks?

Pregnant women who are 38 weeks pregnant usually do not increase the size of the abdominal ring, but may feel much more uncomfortable than in previous weeks. From week 38 10 years on is quite sensitive because 95% of pregnant women will give birth during this period.

Most of the hair, fluff, wax and white coating on the skin of the 38-week fetus will disappear. The baby is receiving antibodies from the mother to protect the body itself, fight diseases. Fetal growth is quite slow, however subcutaneous fat cells continue to be formed. The baby is almost ready to be born.

The 38-year-old pregnant woman may consider cir captioning her child immediately after giving birth if she is a boy. There are currently no regulations or recommendations in Viet Nam on whether to cir surround babies. However, most babies can drop their fores easily without relying on any medical intervention.

Fetal development week 38

Pregnant women who are 38 weeks pregnant usually do not increase the size of the abdominal ring, but may feel much more uncomfortable than in previous weeks

2. How does the 38-week pregnant woman's body change?

Pregnant women this week often have to go to the bathroom very often due to the pressure of the baby on the bladder from the side of the pelvis. This also caused the pregnant woman to have 38 weeks of lower abdominal pain.

During this period, the pregnant woman should pay attention to the signs of labor in order to promptly be admitted to the hospital. Many cases of babies born between 1 – 2 weeks before or after the date of birth are considered normal phenomena. However, if it is already 2 weeks after the due date that the baby is still not born, it is called late birth (or folk is also called "buffalo pregnancy"). Pregnant women are at risk of late birth if:

  • Confusion when calculating the date of birth, due to the incorrect determination of the first day of the mother's last menstruation;
  • Mother giving birth so;
  • I've had late births before;
  • In the family of the mother there are people who have been born late;
  • Pregnant boy.

3. Common symptoms in pregnant women at 38 weeks

  • Frequent urination

During the 38th weekof gestation , the head of the fetus has reached the pelvis of the mother, pinching the bladder and causing a feeling of frequent urination. Therefore, pregnant women should not use stimulants or weeds (such as caffeine) in the last weeks of pregnancy, and also do not reduce drinking water, as it will affect the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus.

  • Pregnant woman 38 weeks with lower abdominal pain

Fetal compression in the lower abdomen can cause no less discomfort. Besides, the psychological mound appears more and more and heavier, causing the pregnant woman 38 weeks of lower abdominal pain.

  • Cervical mucous node flakes

The 38-week pregnant woman may experience cervical mucous node peeling, which is the appearance of pink or brown vaginal discharge, which contains layers of the lining of the uterus. This phenomenon is a signal that the labor mound is imminent, but it is impossible to know exactly when (usually from a few hours to several days, even weeks).

  • Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal secretion of women 38 weeks pregnant may be tinged with pink or brown color. This is because the blood vessels in the cervical vessel rupture during dilation in preparation for the fetus to pass through while the mother passes, resulting in bleeding and mixing into the vaginal discharge. This is also a sign that the baby is about to be born.

  • diarrhea

Intestinal moills become looser and softer showing that the mother's body is transforming in preparation for the process of overtaking. Therefore, if the pregnant woman has diarrhea during this week of pregnancy, then it is very likely that labor is imminent.

  • Abdominal itching

Large abdomen and tight skin can easily cause dry skin itching due to loss of moisture.

  • Leg edema

The development of the fetus causes the pregnant woman to increase fluid reserves and cause edema in thelegs , especially the ankles. To remedy this, pregnant women may consider using medical equipment, such as specialized socks, to reduce varicose veins.

  • insomnia

Pregnant women at 38 often have difficulty sleeping due to a variety of causes, mainly due to psychological confusion, stress.

  • Colostrum leakage

The u minh of the pregnant woman begins to grow larger and sometimes there is a phenomenon of leakage of colostrum.

4. Tips for pregnant women week 38

Pregnant walk

Walking is considered one of the best movement in pregnancy

4.1. Be prepared

Pregnant women at 38 weeks can show signs of labor at any time. Therefore, during this week of pregnancy, the maternity needs to fully prepare the necessary items during and after the crossing.

4.2. walk

Pregnant women should not lie in one place for too long, instead it is possible to walk gently to exercise the body. On the other hand, walking is considered one of the best movement in pregnancy. Especially for 38-week pregnant women,walking facilitates continuous swaying of the hips, making it easier for the baby's head to enter the pelvic area of the mother and the process of overtaking is also somewhat more convenient.

4.3. Reduce stress

Pregnant women up to 38 weeks must have a lot of thoughts, worries, nervousness when the date of birth is near. This can adversely affect the health of the mother and the fetus. To overcome stress, pregnant women can do relaxing exercises (such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises). Some pregnant women feel comfortable listening to their favorite music, watching movies, or reading books.

4.4. Wear wide, airy clothes

Pregnant women at 38 often feel hot and sweaty. The main cause is a change in pregnancy hormones, which increases blood flow, increases metabolism and eliminates sweat. To keep cool, pregnant women should wear large, light clothes, drink plenty of water, clear the space.

4.5. Perform Squat exercises

The Squat exercise consists of standing up and sitting down similar to squatting. Perform Squat regularly to help the body toughen, enhance muscle health. Moreover, Squat is capable of making labor occur earlier because these moves help to open the pelvis, creating space that allows the baby to stimulate labor.

Pregnant women should get acquainted with Squat exercises and practice daily. Because during childbirth, many cases of pregnant women have to sit and give birth in a squat position for hours until the baby is taken out.

Pregnant women at 38 weeks should learn about maternity care packages for labor in reputable hospitals so that this extremely important period is carried out smoothly and safely for both mother and baby.

Share99 International Health Hub is providing Maternity Care Program 2019 – Labor as part of maternity care program 2019. When participating in the package, the pregnant woman was accompanied by an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist at Share99 during labor, with the full and best support from the international standard equipment system and attentive and dedicated service quality.

For more information about maternity packages at Share99 International Health Hub, you can contact Share99 Health System nationwide or register for an online examination HERE.


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