The change of pregnant woman week 32

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Pregnant women who are 32 weeks pregnant begin to appear biological bouts with more frequency, heavier. The enlarged fetus causes no less discomfort for the 32-week pregnant woman, such as loss of appetite, constipation, skin irritation.

1. What's so special about pregnancy at 32 weeks?

Pregnant women who are 32 weeks pregnant should have a pregnancy check-up twice a week before the last month of pregnancy. Typical symptoms of pregnant women during this period are back pain and cramps in the legs. In addition, in some cases there is a phenomenon of leaking colostrum from the chest (in the form of a light yellow, slightly sticky liquid).

The 32-week-old baby weighs about 1.8 kg and is about the size of a melon. At this time, there is not much space left in the mother's uterus, but it is still enough for the baby to transform and move freely, but not as strongly as in previous weeks. A 32-week pregnancy baby pedals a lot showing that the baby in the womb is in its final stages, preparing to be born.

2. How has the 32-week pregnant body changed?

2.1. Braxton Hicks mound appearance

When the pregnancy arrives at 32 weeks, the mother's body begins to have a change in preparation for the date of birth, one of the signs of this change is the Braxton Hicks mound, also known as the false labor mound. The Braxton Hicks mound was seen as a warm-up before the real go-to bout. Accordingly, the pregnant woman feels like a tightening or abnormal hardening since the middle stage of pregnancy. Later, the more the uterus mounds tend to increase both in frequency and in the degree of pain. This manifestation usually appears earlier with a stronger intensity for women who have been pregnant before.

When the Braxton Hicks mound appears, the pregnant woman feels like a tightening starting from the top of the uterus, which then gradually spreads downwards, lasting from 15 to 30 seconds (sometimes to more than two minutes).

So how to distinguish a false labor mound from a real labor mound?

If it is a physical mound, signs of uterus spasms will stop if the mother changes posture. Therefore, as soon as the appearance of uterus contractions is noticed, the pregnant woman, if she is lying down or sitting, needs to try to get up (and vice versa), to see if the contraction is in remission. In the event of a real labor cramp, the symptoms of uterus spasms will become stronger, more regular and cannot be improved even if the mother changes posture. In this situation, the pregnant woman should be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.

2.2. The uterus grows larger

The 32-week pregnant uterus has grown quite large, surpassing the gastric part. Therefore, when the fetus waves the area in the womb, it is possible to accidentally step on the surrounding muscles and cause no less discomfort to the mother. Enlarged fetuses are likely to lead to symptoms such as urine leakage, heartburn, nausea and shortness of breath with relatively heavier levels than in previous weeks. This also causes the 32-week pregnant woman toanorexia , sometimes unable to eat, prone to weakness, even fainting.

3. Symptoms in pregnant women week 32

Pregnant walk

To fix it, the 32-week pregnant woman should exercise gently regularly every day

3.1. Loss of appetite

Symptoms of loss of appetite as well as appetite are the result of changes in the hormone hCG during pregnancy. The amount of this hormone doubles after a few days, continuously throughout the first 3 months of pregnancy, then gradually decreases. However, the impact of hCG will continue to affect the cravings of the maternity throughout the pregnancy process.

3.2. constipation

The development of the uterus affects the functioning of the intestines and excreted system, causing this body to slow down and thesis to become uneven, the consequences of which lead to constipation. To remedy, the 32-week pregnant woman should exercise regularly (suitable exercises such as walking, yoga before giving birth) and drink enough water every day.

3.3. Cramps in the legs

Cramps are common symptoms in pregnant women week 32. This symptom is more common at night, which significantly affects the quality of sleep. The cause of cramps in pregnant women can be due to a lack of calcium and magnesium in the daily diet.

3.4. Dizziness, fainting

During pregnancy, part of the mother's blood volume is transmitted to the fetus, which leads to the mother having hypotension and insufficient blood flow to the brain. The consequences cause dizziness, dizziness, even fainting.

3.5. Hemorrhoids

The pressure caused by the development of the uterus increases quite high during the 32nd week of pregnancy. Moreover, the blood flow to the pelvic area increases, causing the veins in the rectal wall to swell, swell and cause itching, even causing hemorrhoids, especially for pregnant women with long-term constipation.

3.6. Leaked milk

Pregnant women at 32 weeks are at risk of experiencing colostrum leakage as the breasts grow bigger and bigger in the final stages of pregnancy. Colostrum has a light yellow color, which is a predge of breast milk, which contains many proteins and antibodies necessary for fetal development. If milk flow causes many obstacles, pregnant women should consider using milk absorbent pads.

3.7. Itchy skin

Itching and skin irritation are common problems for women who are 32 weeks pregnant. As the fetus in the abdomen grows larger, the abdominal skin of the pregnant woman is increasingly stretched accordingly. This causes the abdominal skin to lack moisture, become dry and easily lead to itching, discomfort. On the other hand, the buttocks of the pregnant woman can also be itchy if the body also increases in size by the abdominal ring.

4. Tips for pregnant women week 32


Pregnant women during this period need to limit stress to avoid adverse effects on the whole fetus

4.1. Limit stress

A large developed pregnant woman's abdomen can leave a postpartum stretch marks. Sometimes this makes many mothers feel anxious, stressed. Besides, when pregnant until week 32, pregnant women may feel fear when they are about to go ill.

Stress adversely affects the health of the mother and the fetus. Therefore, relatives should support maternity to reduce the stresses that can occur daily.

4.2. Find out signs of early labor

Pregnant women who are 32 weeks pregnant may experience symptoms that signal early labor. As such, pregnant women should be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge about early labor and signs of hospitalization, such as amniotic rupture, severe cramps, vaginal bleeding, severe diarrhea and abnormal uterus contractions.

4.3. Eat well

The 32-week pregnant woman may not feel hungry due to the large development of the uterus, which causes compression of the stomach, which loses appetite. Therefore, during the 32ndweek of pregnancy, women should actively eat well, can supplement snacks, instead of just eating the main meals.

4.4. Drink enough water

The 32-week-old fetus has developed quite large. The mother at this time not only eats and drinks for two people, but is also responsible for the problem of fetal excretion. The increased drinking of water helps to increase the volume of circulation, improve blood circulation, limit constipation, dissolve and eliminate waste products through the excretory system.

4.5. Moisturize the skin

Dry skin makes many women who are 32 weeks pregnant feel uncomfortable. Therefore, pregnant women this week should focus on regular moisturizing:

  • Use a moisturizer that does not contain dyes or perfumes (to avoid irritation of the skin);
  • Wear wide, light clothing (so that the skin can breathe);
  • Use mild detergents that do not contain stimulants.

4.6. Strengthen pelvic health

The pelvis is a very important part for the process of pregnancy and childbirth to go smoothly. Pelvic tilt exercises help strengthen abdominal muscle health, soothe back pain during pregnancy, support labor and childbirth more easily.

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