The change of pregnant woman week 31

In women who are 31 weeks pregnant, the amount of oxygen needed to be given to the mother and baby and the push of the uterus increases, making shortness of breath worse. In addition, Braxton Hicks contractions began to appear. The time of labor is approaching, preparing everything ready will help to be more proactive in protecting mothers and babies safely.

1. What characteristics do women in week 31 have to keep in mind?

Women who are 31 weeks pregnant are prone to shortness of breath. Shortness of breath occurs due to the uterus dilated upwards causing pulmonary obstruction. In order to provide enough oxygen to both the mother and the baby, it is imperative that the pregnant woman strengthen her respiration. The sensation of shortness of breath decreases at the end of pregnancy, as the fetus moves gradually down the pelvic pit. To relieve shortness of breath, pregnant women should perform certain situations such as standing upright as much as they can when walking and sleeping on their side or lying on their side.

The weight of the pregnant woman increases at a rapid rate (about 1 pound per week) which means that the baby's weight also increases. Braxton Hicks contractions began to appear marking the approaching labor time. These contractions can last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If the contractions are more intense or closer together, it may signal that labor is about to be taken to the hospital immediately.

2. Symptoms of pregnancy week 31

2.1 Urination more often

The uterus puts more pressure on the bladder during the third trimepcle, leaving the bladder with no room to store urine. Pregnant women can minimize the number of urinations by going 2 times in a row (urination, after urination is finished, urination again).

2.2 Back pain

Uterus compression of the spine can cause back pain. The best way to relieve back pain during pregnancy is to practice yoga and build a morning and afternoon exercise routine. The exercises will help relieve pain while helping to relax the mind.

The change of pregnant woman week 31

Uterus compression of the spine can cause back pain for pregnant women

2.3 Clumsy

The changing body focus along with a lack of concentration can cause the pregnant woman to become clumsy during daily activities. Therefore, when stepping on a slippery floor, going to the bathroom and other prone places to fall pregnant women need to be very careful.

2.4 Forgetfulness

Brain cells are reduced in the third trimepcle. However, they will return to normal a few months after birth. Worrying about the situation or forgetting only makes the situation worse. Instead, pregnant women should do some remedies such as writing important information, work on paper or on the phone and then doing it accordingly.

2.5 Insomnia

Insomnia can be a consequence of a variety of other symptoms such as cramps in the legs, heartburn, frequent urination and anxiety. If stress causes difficulty sleeping throughout the night, pregnant women should talk to friends or family to find a solution together.

2.6 Frequent headaches

If the headache is frequent, the pregnant woman should do some of the following to relieve pain:

  • If at home: Pregnant women should spend a few minutes in a dark, quiet room.
  • If working in the office: Pregnant women should take some time to relax, close their eyes and raise their legs for 15 minutes.
  • Medications: Take Acetaminophen when the above ways are not effective (it is advisable to ask a doctor before use).

3. Tips for pregnant women week 31

3.1 Face edema tracking

If you notice edema on the face suddenly, it may not be due to an increase in body weight. Along with changes in vision and headaches, facial edema can be a sign of pre-seizures (a disorder that usually develops late in pregnancy after 20 weeks, and is characterized by high blood pressure, hand edema and severe facial edema). To prevent the risk of pre-seizures, pregnant women should go to the health check-up when there is edema on the face or other symptoms such as hand edema, vision loss, severe headache, high blood pressure.

3.2 Drink plenty of water

The temperature of pregnant women is higher than that of the average person, so it is possible to drain very quickly. Drinking plenty of water can help to disperse heat (in the form of sweat), thereby cooling down the body. In addition, drinking enough water also helps to control fatigue during pregnancy (one of the first symptoms of dehydration is exhaustion and headache). In addition, drinking water can make itchy and unpleasant.

The change of pregnant woman week 31

Drinking enough water also helps to control fatigue during pregnancy

3.4 Prevention of varicose veins

Varicose veinsare painless and harmless. This occurs because the dilated uterus causes compression and reduces the flow of flow in the veins in the pelvic region, causing blood from the legs that cannot flow to the heart causing an anesthorymosis. To prevent varicose veins, pregnant women should exercise daily, do not gain too much weight, raise their legs as often as possible and sleep on the left side.

3.5 Pain relief in the neck

Many women feel neck pain, especially during the third trimep. One way to loosen muscles and relax the mind is to perform the movement of tilting the head to the side without tilting the shoulders, holding for 3 seconds and then exhaling, repeating on the other side and performing several times a day.

4. Changes in the fetus week 31

The 31-week fetus weighed more than 3 pounds and was 16-18 inches long. All 5 senses have begun to work, namely:

  • Vision: Her eyes were black and she felt the light.
  • Hearing: The ears are already capable of distinguishing some types of familiar sounds such as voice and music. The evidence is that the fetal heart rate actually increases and slows down when listening to different types of music.
  • Babblers: The baby felt the scent from the amniotic fluid flowing through the nasal path.
  • Touch: Baby begins contact with mother's nose, toes, umbilical cord and uterus
  • Taste buds: She opened her little mouth, tasted and sucked her thumb.

The baby's brain has been able to process a series of signals that come from the senses, nerve connections are artificially increased at an incredible rate. Brain development is at a high level and will continue to grow at a dizzying rate over the next few weeks. The baby's lungs are still growing but not yet complete. The baby still needs the help of a ventilator if he is born in week 31.

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