The change of pregnant women week 30

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The body of a woman who is 30 weeks pregnant has many changes in response to the upcoming labor process. Specifically, the pelvis expands, the pain increases in the pinched organs near the uterus such as the ribs, diaphragm and pelvis. Pregnant women are also prone to heartburn and indgestion due to muscle dility that separates the este and stomach.

1. How do women who are 30 weeks pregnant change?

Pregnant women at 30 weeks must contain in themselves a fetus with a weight of about 1.3 – 1.5 kg and a length of about 37-39 cm and still about 10 weeks to the day the baby is born. At this time, the size of the baby is larger causing compression of the ribs, diaphragm, pelvis and other organs around the abdomen.

The body has many changes to meet the approaching labor process almost the pelvis hatching is noticeable by the fact that the legs begin to spread. From this period, the weight of the woman can gain about 0.454 kg per week.

Women who are 30 weeks pregnant are prone to indgestion, especially during the preparation period for childbirth labor. Muscles that separate the rynx from the stomach are dilated as food and digestive juices reflux from the stomach to the chest and throat causing heartburn, indgestion.

Reduce heartburn and ingestion symptoms by avoiding spicy, fatty or fried dishes and chocolate, divided into several small meals and not lying down during snacking or immediately after eating. Additional chewing tablets can be used to treat stomach pain or gastric acidic drugs under the guidance of a doctor to assist in alleering symptoms.

The date of birth is getting closer, the pregnant woman should discuss with the family whether to store the umbilical cord blood of the baby or not. Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that can be used to treat a number of blood diseases and immune system disorders. Safe and painless blood-taking procedure is carried out immediately after the baby is born (it takes about 5 minutes). Families can donate to the community or host separately for a prepaid fee and annual storage costs to serve in an emergency. After making a decision, the pregnant woman and her family need to inform the doctor early to prepare the necessary work.

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2. Symptoms of pregnancy week 30

Changes in fetal movement

The change of pregnant women week 30

The growing baby's body makes the space in the uterus tighter and tighter

The growing baby's body makes the space in the uterus more and more tight. Therefore, all the movement of the baby is easily felt by the mother. Pregnant women should monitor their baby's movement and tell their doctor if there are abnormalities.


The dilated uterus causes pressure and weakens the muscles in the rectum leading to unst controlless abdominal bloating and deflated. The best way to reduce bloating is to drink plenty of water.

Swollen feet and ankles

About 75% of pregnant women suffer from swelling of the ankles and feet. In addition to wearing comfortable shoes, pregnant women can also reduce swelling of the toes by resting and wollen their legs.


Constipation is a symptom that is difficult to avoid during pregnancy. To avoid constipation during pregnancy that progresses to hemorrhoids, pregnant women need to replenish their body with enough water, eat more fiber and probiotics such as vegetables and yogurt.

Stretch marks

The skin is stretched because the uterus is pushed up, which in turns causes stretch marks. Manifestations are the appearance of pink or red streaks. Stretch marks will heal themselves after the baby is born so pregnant women should not use any healing drugs.


Pregnant women often feel more tired in the last months. Specifically, insomnia increases due to the increase in the frequency of "Messing". At this time, pregnant women should ask for the help of relatives in daily activities.

3. Tips for pregnant women week 30

Use pillows: Increased pressure on the diaphragm increases shortness of breath. To relieve shortness of breath, pregnant women should try sleeping in a half-seated position and resting their back on the pillow.

Wear comfortable outfits: Women often become clumsy and prone to slipping during pregnancy. To avoid the risk of falls, pregnant women should wear comfortable outfits.

Kegels Workout: Kegel – exercises that work to help a strong pelvis better support the uterus, bladder and intestines, and can relieve symptoms such as hemorrhoids and urinary insularity. Persistent kegels training can also make childbirth easier, without the need for persentative surgery. The movement is performed by straining the muscles around the vagina, anus and holding (as if trying to fast) for up to 10 seconds and then slowly relaxing and repeating 20 times a day.

The change of pregnant women week 30

See a doctor

Choose the right skin care product: Before choosing to buy skin care products, pregnant women should read the information on the product. If the composition contains vitamin A, vitamin K or BHA (beta-hydroxy acid or salicylic acid), pregnant women should use it for a limited time. Most doctors recommend products containing AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid). However, AHA products can make sun-sensitive pregnant skin more severely damaged. Sunscreens (SPF 15 or higher) can limit this condition. It is best for pregnant women to choose products that combine skin protection and prevent wrinkles.

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