The change of pregnant woman week 27

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Pregnant women at 27 weeks are prone to edema of the limbs, which are clearly visible in the feet, ankles and hands, the navel shows signs of dilated and stretch marks appear (especially in the abdomen). All these changes are due to the effect of the uterus expanding beyond the capacity of the skin and causing compression of the surrounding muscles.

1. What are the characteristics of women who are 27 weeks pregnant?

1.1 Swelling and edema

Pregnant women week 27, the uterus is already the size of a basketball. During this period, nearly 3/4 of pregnant women begin to suffer from mild edema in the limbs, especially the feet, ankles and hands.

Edema is a phenomenon that occurs when fluid accumulates in the body tissues due to an increase in blood flow and pressure of the uterus on the aortic vein (a large vein on the right side of the body that takes blood from the lower genus to the heart). Edema is only temporary, the body will soon return to normal immediately after childbirth. But if the edema is excessive, the pregnant woman should inform the treating doctor because it can be a sign of pre-seizures (accompanied by a host of other symptoms such as hypertension and proteins in the urine).

To reduce edema, pregnant women should avoid sitting or standing for a long time, try some pregnancy-appropriate exercises such as walking, swimming, raising your legs when sitting or sleeping, drinking enough water every day.

1.2 Changes in the navel

2 questions that can appear in the head when the pregnant woman looks down at the increasingly stretched abdomen: One – What can be done when the navel is being excessively dilated? And two – Does the navel change the size as it was originally? First answer: Pregnant women can't do much but easily clear all the sticky dirt that exists on the navel. The second answer: The navel will return to its original position after childbirth, although it can dilate a little more than before.

1.3 Stretch marks

Pregnant women can see stretch marks as the uterus continues to dilate. Most women gained about 16- 22 pounds until the 27th week of pregnancy, and stretch marks are inevitable.

The change of pregnant woman week 27

Pregnant women can see stretch marks as the uterus continues to dilate

2. Symptoms of pregnancy week 27

2.1 Dizziness, fainting

Dizziness or more severe fainting is a common symptom during pregnancy. To reduce dizziness, the woman should perform the operation of lying down and raising her legs as soon as she feels a gentle mind. If it is more severe than fainting, you must immediately go to the doctor to prevent unwanted complications.

2.2 Bleeding gums

Changes in hormones cause the gums to become swollen, inflamed and even bleeding. Although bleeding gums are common (and may disappear after birth), oral and gum care should still be taken care of with simple operations such as brushing your teeth and using dental only twice a day.

2.3 Itchy abdomen

The tightening of the abdomen can cause the skin of the abdomen to dry out and itch. Pregnant women can use moisturizer daily and soak in a warm oatmeal bath to relieve itching.

2.4 Restless leg syndrome (RLS)

Restless leg syndrome occurs only in some women, which is the sensation of the legs becoming tingling and restless, especially when lying down at night. RLS has been linked to iron deficiency, anemia or sensitivity to certain foods. Practicing yoga or other relaxation techniques can help improve RLS status.

2.5 Round ligament pain

The size of the uterus increases, causing the ligaments to stretch and thicken to adapt and support the uterus, thereby causing pain. To relieve pain, pregnant women should try some analgesic position such as bending the knee towards the abdomen, or leaning over and then shrinking a knee.

2.6 Nasal congestion

Pregnant women may face a swollen nasal path, creating a feeling of stuffiness. The pregnant woman will quickly get better after birth. To relieve symptoms of the disease, pregnant women should use spray saline or nasal dilation bandage. Antihistamines and nasal sprays are still used for pregnant women, however to ensure that pregnant women should still be consulted by a doctor.

The change of pregnant woman week 27

Pregnant women may face a swollen nasal path, creating a feeling of stuffiness

3. Tips for pregnant women week 27

3.1 Decreased feeling of bloating

Some foods that eat a lot can cause bloating such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach and carrots. Limiting the use of the above foods can contribute to the symptomatic reduction of the disease. In addition, pregnant women should make sure to drink enough water during the day and make a break-down of meals into 5-6 meals instead of 3 meals as usual.

3.2 Choose the best salmon

Salmon is the best source of DHA – fat that boosts the brain. Pregnant women should choose salmon of natural origin (high in healthy fats) and limit the purchase of farmed salmon to avoid eating more PCBs (artificial chemicals). Some salmon processing tips can help get rid of impurities such as no skin and dark meat (most of the chemicals found in fish accumulate in dark skin and meat) and pre-boiled before cooking thoroughly.

3.3 Soothe heat rash

The cause of the heat rash is that the pregnant woman's body inherently has a higher than normal temperature and is also associated with a wet body due to excessive sweating and friction of the skin with the skin or with clothes. Heat rash appears in the form of pimples, itching, red patches on the skin. The most common position is in the middle and lower wrinkles of the chest, where the lower abdomen rubs against the top of the pubic bone area and on the inner thigh. Calamine lotion can soothe (temporarily) and is safe to use. If there is any rash or irritation lasting more than a few days the pregnant woman should go to the hospital for the safest possible examination and treatment.

The change of pregnant woman week 27

Heat rash in pregnant women

3.4 Anti-edema

The two main culprits of eye edema are water retention and fatigue. Therefore, pregnant women should try to rest and drink plenty of water to increase the body's sewage discharge. To reduce eye edema (especially in the morning), pregnant women should put slices of cucumbers, tea bags, spoons, bags of blueberries that have been cooled on the eyes.

3.5 Heart rate monitoring

During pregnancy, the woman's heart must take on a heavier responsibility than pumping blood supply to the two bodies. Therefore, pregnant women should monitor their heart rate daily especially after heavy labor. The best way to check your heart rate while exercising is to use the exercise-talk test . If it is not possible to exercise and talk simultaneously, the heart rate may be very high.

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