The change of pregnant woman week 26

The article was consulted professionally by Specialist I Le Thi Phuong – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Ha Long International Health Hub. Dr. Le Thi Phuong has 29 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.

Entering her 26th week of pregnancy, the woman can feel her weight growing rapidly accompanied by rib pain, shortness of breath or abdominal needles. The fact that the child has developed sturdy and often messed up also affects the mother's sleep.

1. Distinctive features of women who are 26 weeks pregnant

Women who are 26 weeks pregnant gain weight at a faster rate, at about 1 pound per week. The uterus is ejected from the surrounding muscles according to the rapid growth of the fetus. At this time, the pregnant woman may feel rib pain, shortness of breath caused by the uterus pushing up on the diaphragm; feels like there's a needle in the abdomen.

By week 26, the bodies in the baby's body are almost complete. The fact that the baby is constantly "Messing" can interfere with her mother's sleep. Heartburn and cramps in the legs also occur more often. To relieve these symptoms, pregnant mothers should take some measures such as exercising during the day (morning and afternoon), limiting drinking water before going to bed, breathing fresh air, performing some analgesic positions, or gently pushing the baby back to the right position.

2. Symptoms of pregnancy Week 26

2.1 Bloating

Pregnant women are prone to bloating due to the dilated uterus that increases the pressure on the stomach and intestines. To relieve the symptoms of bloating, pregnant women should break down meals several times instead of 3 large meals so as not to work digesting food becomes overloaded.

2.2 Forgetfulness

Does "gestational brain" cause pregnant women to forget some important meetings or information that has just occurred. This decrease in memory is temporary and completely normal. To cope with this situation, pregnant women should write important things in a reliable notebook or on a smartphone and then do it accordingly.

2.3 Become clumsy

Loosened joints, altered focus and increased weight are just a few of the factors that make pregnant women more susceptible to slipping, tripping and falling more often than usual. This clumsy is temporary, but note, pregnant women should be more careful when carrying out daily activities, avoiding slippery places especially in baths, showers, not wearing high footwear.

2.4 Migraines

Some pregnant women have a history of migraines, the pain tends to increase during pregnancy. Since powerful migraine medications can directly affect the fetus, consider instead safer treatments such as acupuncture, massage, meditation and yoga (these techniques can also help reduce stress, which is the cause of migraines).

Pregnant week 26

Pregnant mothers during this period may experience migraines

2.5 Blurred vision

Pregnant women often feel dry eyes due to pregnancy hormones that reduce tear production. Use eye drops to alleviate discomfort and inform your doctor if there are vision abnormalities as this may be a sign of pre-seizures.

2.6 Round ligament pain

Round ligament pain causes more discomfort according to the increase in uterine size. To relieve pain, pregnant women should put their feet and rest in a comfortable position, changing positions need to gently avoid recurrence and aggravation of pain.

3. What should pregnant women do during pregnancy week 26?

3.1 Thorough cooking of fresh food

Pregnant women must make sure to eat well-cooked foods. Raw foods to keep in mind when cooking such as meat, fish or poultry. Some tips for checking if food is cooked, including:

  • Pierce the chopstick through the chicken, if the water that comes out is red is uncooked. At that time, it is necessary to simmer or bring the food back to the oven to continue baking until the fat comes out.
  • Cut through the thickest part of the meat and the ribs cook the lice. If the middle part is gray or brown, it proves that the food is ripe, on the contrary, if it is red, it is not yet cooked, it is necessary to cook more.
  • Check the temperature with a thermometer. Pregnant women should remember the "completely cooked" temperatures of familiar dishes: Whole chicken or turkey: 180 F; Beef, veal, lamb or pork, roast meat, ribs or steak: 170 F; Chicken breast: 170 F;. Chicken or turkey: 165 F. Beef, veal, lamb, mashed pork: 160 F. Fish: 145 F. Ham: 140 F.

3.2 Avoid raw eggs

Some ways to choose and prepare egg dishes properly include:

  • It is best to choose eggs born from natural care chickens, which are not locked up and have been cold preserved
  • Do not buy eggs that have cracked
  • Store eggs in the fridge even when cooked
  • When preparing the eggs, cook until the whites are firm and the yolks have begun to solid up. Never eat raw eggs (in salads, sauces or mousse-style desserts), unless a type of baring is used. If you are using raw, unclaved eggs for baking, do not taste the dough

3.3 Practice an anegesic position

To avoid painful pose, pregnant women need to stand upright, practice this pose by pressing close to the wall, ensuring the area of contact between the body and the wall is highest. Avoid pushing the hips and abdomen forward as this pose can cause back pain and heavier body pain when moving.

3.4 Ensure clean living space

Kitchen cleaning:

  • Keep hands clean during food processing
  • Clean kitchen utensils such as dishwashing towels, clean countertops after use

Ensure food hygiene:

  • Wash your hands before and after handling raw meat, eggs, poultry or fish
  • Wash tools, cutting boards and towels on your hands while on the road
  • Wash the cans before opening them so that dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating, even peeled berries

3.5 Monitoring of fetal movement

Each baby reacts differently to the mother's different daily activity habits. Some people may be lulled to sleep by movement, while others seem to be in great pain when pedaled by their baby.

Pregnant week 26

Pregnant mothers absolutely do not eat raw eggs in dishes

4. Fetal development at the 26th week

The 26-week fetus weighed 2 pounds equivalent to the daily intake of milk to receive the recommended 1,200 mg of calcium and a length of 9 inches.

Overall, during the week of 26 fetuses there were many notable changes:

  • Eyes have opened ,revealing slightly blue eyes, the color will change in the first few months of life. The baby reacts more sensitively by reacting (pedaling the mother) when shining light through an ultrasound.
  • Hearing: The baby's hearing has fully developed. When the baby reacts to the sound, the pulse increases. The baby can even move to the rhythm of the music.
  • Lungs: The baby's lungs are still growing but not yet complete. If born prematurely during week 26, the baby still needs the support of respiratory support devices.
  • Brain wave model: The brain wave model is complete as a full-month newborn.
  • Sensations in the mouth: The nerves around the mouth and lips are becoming more and more sensitive, preparing the very important task of breastfeeding after birth. To do so, the baby practice suckling right in the fetus by sucking anything near his lips, including the umbilical cord.
  • Activities: Babies can almost perform all activities such as holding hands, sucking their thumbs, holding their hands and even playing with their toes and pedaling into the womb.

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