The change of pregnant woman week 24

The article was consulted professionally by Master, Dr. Ly Thi Thanh Nha – Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology – Share99 Da Nang International Health Hub.

From this month 30 weeks on, the 24-week pregnant woman is expected to grow by about 450 gr per week. I could hear your heartbeat by applying your ears to your wife's belly. The doctor will conduct a pregnancy diabetes test for pregnant women weeks 24 – 28.

1. What's so special about being 24 weeks pregnant?

At the same size as a pomegranate, the current fetus weighs about 0.68 kg and is almost 22 cm long. If unfortunately the 24th week pregnant woman has to give birth prematurely during this period, it is most likely that the baby will be saved with the help of a ventilator and intensive care from a specialist hospital.

The wrinkled skin of the fetus in the past weeks is being faded and fuller due to the fat accumulating below. When the mother is 24 weeks pregnant,the baby is starting:

  • The creation of white blood cells helps fight diseases and infections;
  • Can react to the impact force or sound from the outside of the parents
  • Nail formation.

Pregnant week 24

Fetus week 24

2. Common symptoms in pregnant women week 24

As the 24-week pregnant belly becomes more and more tense, stretch marks also appear more but will fade after birth. Women who are 24 weeks pregnant may have hiccups quite often, protruding navels, or swelling of the edema, cramps, accompanied by some other changes such as:

  • Decreased libido

During pregnancy, everything on the female body almost all grow larger except libido. The increasingly enlarged belly causes the 24-year-old pregnant woman to feel tired and painful during sex. It is perfectly normal for the body to focus on eating and resting rather than being close to the couple. However, it is also assumed that libido will come back strongly in the third trimead. Therefore, both spouses should frankly talk to each other and figure out how to best care for their partner throughout the pregnancy.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common symptoms of swelling during pregnancy cause fluid to accumulate in the lower limbs throughout the day, after which they are distributed to the rest of the body, including hands, when the pregnant woman lies down. This puts pressure on the nerves that run through the wrist and creates a feeling of numbness, tingling, throbbing or smoldering pain in the fingers, hands and wrists.

Wrist syndrome is present in pregnant women who are doing tasks that require repetitive hand movement such as type ling, playing the piano … To improve this condition, the 24th week pregnant woman avoids crushing her hands when sleeping, does not fight her hands on the pillow at night and perform regular wrist relaxations while working. In addition, it is possible to consult a doctor about the use of a specialized wristband in case the pain is too intense.

  • Itching and redness of the palms, feet

Many women claim that this symptom is caused by an allergy to the type of dishwashing soap in use. In fact, the new pregnancy hormones are the cause of the palms and the palms of pregnant women at 24 weeks of redness, accompanied by random itching. Although this is a relatively normal manifestation, especially during pregnancy at 24 weeks, women also need to present it to the doctor during pregnancy visits to make sure the body does not suffer from rare complications of congestion. Redness and itching of the palms/legs will disappear after birth, however in the meantime maternity can also be controlled by avoiding overheating room temperatures, not taking long showers with hot water, or wearing too tight gloves/socks. Soaking your hands and feet in cold water or applying ice packs for a few minutes a day is also a suggestion that 24-week pregnant women can refer to.

  • constipation

Pregnancy hormones are responsible for asking the intestinal muscles to "relax" to keep food in the mother's digestive system longer, thanks to which the fetus has time to absorb maximum nutrients. But this entails side effects that pregnant women at 24 weeks are prone to constipation. Drinking plenty of filtered water and juice will help food move faster through the digestive system, as well as soften the stools to make it easier to go for a stool.

  • Lower abdominal pain

During pregnancy week 24,the uterus continues to expand causing ligaments to also become more and more stretched and can cause some pain. It is quite normal for pregnant mothers to have lower abdominal pain from time to time, but if this unpleasant sensation is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, chills or bleeding, it is necessary to immediately go to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital for examination and monitoring.

  • Impaired vision

Pregnancy hormones can cause reduced tear production, make the eyes more susceptible to irritation, and increased fluid build-up in the eyes causes the 24th week's pregnant woman's vision to temporarily change. Blurred and diminished vision will return to normal as it was immediately after birth, so women do not need to go for an eye examination and change a new glasses during this period.

  • Migraines

Manifestations of migraines can be headaches that last for days, severity and sometimes accompanied by nausea or vision changes. In addition to presenting to the doctor about the above symptoms, the 24-week pregnant woman should keep a diary of what was eaten, the places that had arrived and what to do before the appearance of migraines to identify the pathogen and take appropriate precautions.

Pregnant week 24

During pregnancy at 24 weeks, pregnant mothers may experience migraines

3. Tips for 24th week pregnant women

  • Improves sleep

Since becoming 24 weeks pregnant 100 weeks on, getting a good night's sleep becomes more difficult for women due to the increasingly large abdomen. Pregnant women can try a few remedies such as meditating, drinking hot milk before going to bed, exercising more during the day or asking for advice from an obstetrician.

  • Blood glucose tests

The 24 to 28 week gestation period is when the doctor will give the pregnant woman a blood glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes – a temporary syndrome but that needs to be treated. It is unclear what exactly caused some women to have gestational diabetes, however overweight, high in abdominal fat, older age or family history of gestational diabetes,… these are factors that contribute to increased risk.

  • Enhance protein supplements

Proteins are formed from amino acids, which take on the role of composing every cell inside the fetal body. In particular, the baby's brain desperately needs this type of nutrient to control essential activities, such as breathing, walking, talking and playing fun. During pregnancy, women must be given about 75 gr of protein per day. This is a very easy level of nutrition to achieve, especially for the group of people who regularly eat Low-carb. However, if following a vegetarian diet, the 24th week pregnant woman needs to pay more attention to protein supplements than usual.

  • Weight Tracking

The ratio of a reasonable weight during pregnancy to most women is 11-16 kg and an average increase of 450 gr per week, but this standard figure may vary slightly depending on many other factors. Too slow or insufficient weight gain risks leaving many major consequences such as premature birth, underweight babies and a host of other pregnancy complications. Pregnant women at 24 weeks should continue to work closely with their obstetrician by having a full pregnancy check-up, to monitor their weight and take appropriate measures if their body weight does not meet their targets.

  • Attention to oral health

Studies show that keeping hygiene and ensuring oral health will help prolong pregnancy to the right date of birth. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and taking dental certificates regularly reduces the risk of gingivitis. Uns treated gingivitis can progress to periodontitis and tooth infections, more seriously, the condition is associated with preterm birth and even an increased risk of pre-production.

Pregnant week 24

Studies show that keeping hygiene and ensuring oral health will help extend pregnancy to the right date of birth

To be most assured of pregnancy health, pregnant women at 24 weeks can apply for the Maternity Care Program implemented by Share99 International Health Hub with the aim of supporting the same maternity until the day "Mother rounds the square". The program includes the following service packs:

  • Maternity Care Program 2019 – 12 weeks
  • Maternity Care Program 2019 – 27 weeks
  • Maternity Care Program 2019 – 36 weeks
  • Maternity Care Program 2019 – TransferD
  • Pre-embryo transfer genetic screening service

The medical staff at Share99 are all the leading professionals and prestige in the field of obstetrics and gynecology; modern facilities system to optimally support examination and screening techniques; civilized, luxurious medical space and professional services – all these advantages have helped Share99 become a hospital highly appreciated by professionals for maternity care, being the first choice of pregnant women.

Master. physician. Ly Thi Thanh Nha worked at Hue University Health Hub of Medicine and Pharmacy and Quang Tri General Health Hub before working at Share99 Danang International Health Hub. Dr. Nha has strengths and experience in the diagnosis of monitoring and treatment of pregnancy and pathology. Pregnancy screening. Perform cesarean section techniques. Laparoscopic surgery for ovarian cysts, extra-uterine pregnancy.

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