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Pregnant week 2 is not much different from the first week. Pregnancy week 2 is actually the time when the ovulation falls and waits for the sperm to arrive for fertilization. Signs of pregnancy week 2 can be a streak of blood when the egg has been fertilized and nested in the body city.

1. Ovulation stage

The 2nd week pregnant woman is in the 1st month of pregnancy, or in other words, 8 months before the baby will be born. However, the baby is not even an embryo visible to the naked eye at this time. Pregnancy week 2 is essentially the stage of ovulation and waiting for sperm to arrive for fertilization.

The first two weeks of pregnancy can be defined even if the woman is not pregnant. Because although the menstruation date per month may go as predicted, it will be more difficult to calculate the exact date of ovulation. Moreover, sperm can stay in the female body for several days before ovulation so that they meet. Similarly, ovulated eggs can also last up to 24 hours to wait for sperm to appear. Therefore it is difficult for the obstetrician to determine exactly when the sperm meets the egg, which is also when the 2nd week pregnant woman actually begins to become pregnant.

To make the pregnancy schedule the norm, most medical professionals use the first day of the last menstruation as the starting line for a pregnancy that lasts 40 weeks. Simply put, weeks 1 and 2 are just a start, pregnant women week 2 will have about 2 weeks of preparation before the beginning of conception.

2. Increased fertility

Pregnant Week 2

Pregnant mothers should take the time to relax in any way, such as doing yoga, meditating or reading
  • Sexual position:

More than a third of women think that certain sexual orientations increase their chances of conceiving. However experts insist virtually any position can help pregnancy because healthy sperm plays an important role. Therefore couples should keep mentally comfortable during sex at ovulation time to increase the rate of pregnancy week 2.

  • relax:

According to one study, if in women's saliva contains the stress-related enzyme, called alpha-amylase, with a high content will make the likelihood of pregnancy 29% lower. Therefore, it is advisable to take the time to relax in any way, such as practicing yoga, meditating or reading.

  • Watch for signs of ovulation:

The most conceivable period is about 11-21 days from the first day of the last menstruation, when the mucus in the cervical increases and becomes thin sticky, slippery. Other signs of ovulation to pay attention include: changes in body temperature (slightly lower, then increased again), mild vaginal bleeding, cramps in the lower abdomen and increased libido.

  • Some other factors:

Studies claim that temperatures generated by electric blankets, heating cushions and even long-term laptop use can adversely affect the testicles as well as slow down sperm production. In addition, it is advisable to limit oral sex to increase the chances of pregnancy week 2, since saliva can have a negative effect on the mobility of sperm when entering the uterus. In addition, some of the ingredients found in the lubricant also make sperm's ability to function weaker.

3. Pregnant woman's body week 2

3.1. Fertilization process

On menstruation days, the lining of the uterus will peel off causing bleeding, while carrying the unseeded egg last month. Then a new cycle resumes to produce another egg, called weeks 1 and 2 of pregnancy.

First, the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) promotes adult follicles. Each follicle contains one egg and only one follicle is ovulated every month.

When the follicles mature, they produce another hormone, estrogen, with two effects. The first is to begin to thicken the lining of the uterus, preparing for the appearance of fertilized eggs. The second is to activate the production of another hormone, called LH (luteinizing hormone).

About 24 to 36 hours after the surge of LH, an egg from the most mature follicle falls into the ovarian city. If this egg meets the sperm, fertilization will take place.

3.2. Signs of pregnancy week 2

In fact, signs of pregnancy week 2 are also manifestations of the day of ovulation, including:

  • Sudden temperature changes:

The body temperature of the pregnant woman week 2 will fall to the lowest level during the ovulation period, then immediately rise to about half a degree as soon as the egg has fallen. Therefore, women should take a specialized thermometer and start taking temperature measurements every night. Monitoring body temperature and recording numbers within a few months will help women watch the ovulation date relatively accurately.

  • Increased vaginal secrety:

Regular mucus monitoring can help 2nd week pregnant women know the different signs from time to time. Mucus in the ovulation stage is usually numerous, sticky and opaque white. However, as fertilization takes place, the mucus will increase and begin to cloud more. Then a few days later, signs of pregnancy week 2 may appear gestational blood.

Meanwhile, the uterus is getting ready to nourish the fertilized egg for the next 9 months. Despite the fact that the second-week pregnant woman is not really pregnant yet, the necessary preparable actions should be started from this point on. Includes taking vitamins before giving birth, giving up alcohol and tobacco, limiting caffeine, following a healthy diet and exercising with moderate intensity.

4. Tips for pregnancy week 2

Pregnant Week 2

Pregnant mothers should take Folic Acid supplements
  • Folic Acid Supplements:

The body will be adversely affected when women are worried and over-expected. The process by which the fetus forms and develops requires a lot of nutrients to be supplemented, which consists of 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Numerous studies have in turns out that starting to drink folic acid in the months before pregnancy is very important for the health of pregnant women weeks 2 and babies. Benefits include reduced risk of miscarriage, congenital heart defects, gestational diabetes and preterm birth.

  • Consult your doctor about the use of the drug:

Whether on prescription medications, functional foods or any form of herbs, pregnant women should consult their doctor about medications that can harm the health of the fetus. Even a few herbs that are said to be useful for women who are 2 weeks pregnant are at risk of adversely affecting the child at different times during the upcoming 9 months of pregnancy.

  • Quit smoking habits:

It is never too early or too late to give up the habit of smoking. Smoking will seriously reduce the fertility of parents, which can harm the fetus, increase the risk of extraterial pregnancy and pregnancy complications, including: abnormalities or premature placenta peeling, amniotic rupture and premature birth. Pregnant women in Week 2 can seek advice from doctors to make the smoking cessation process safe and effective.

  • Pre-maternity health check-up:

Women should schedule a general examination before pregnancy to learn about heredity diseases, adverse environmental and lifestyle impacts that will endanger fertility as well as fetal development. It is advisable to prepare information about the contraceptives used, the menstrual cycle, the list of all medications in use, the diseases that are suffering and the history of family health before visiting the doctor to present fully and clearly to the doctor.

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Dr. Tran Thi Phuong Loan was formerly Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, An Giang Central General Health Hub; The doctor treated at Hoang Anh Gia Lai University Of Medicine and Pharmacy hospital before being a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology at Share99 Phu Quoc International Health Hub as it is today.

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