The change of pregnant women week 15

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Pregnant at the 15th week, both mother and baby continue to make miraculous changes. The second trimep is the best time for pregnant mothers, this is also the "charming" trimenation when hormones change causing the mother to increase desire.

1. Pregnancy tests to be done at 15 weeks of pregnancy

At the 15th week through ultrasound images, you can clearly see what is going on inside the baby's body. Along with that, at some fetal visits, your doctor will recommend that you perform some triple tests if your 12-week pregnancy test has not been performed to assess your child's risk of Down's disease and other chroma problems.

From the 15th to the 18th week, to be sure, the mother may also be offered amniotic puncture, testing for a small amniotic fluid sample withdrawn with an ultrasound needle if the fetus at the 12th week has abnormalities that require amniotic puncture to confirm. Your mother can talk to your doctor about the pre-birth tests you may want, because your doctor is someone who understands the health status of both mother and baby, and then gives you advice.

15th week pregnant

From the 15th to the 18th week the pregnant woman should have an amniotic fluid, which tests for a small amniotic fluid sample drawn with an ultrasound needle

2. 15th Week Pregnant Mom Changes

At the 15thweek, the pregnant mother will notice her body changes with a series of symptoms. The skin of the pregnant mother is no longer glossy, smooth but turns dark. Pregnant mothers can most clearly see this condition around the nipples, areola, navel, armpits and inner thighs. Dark skin is common in 90% of pregnant women at 15 weeks, according to the study.

In some cases, the pregnant mother has dark hair and white skin, she is also prone to a condition called chloasma (also known as the "mask of pregnancy") – that is, the pregnant woman will appear a bruise around the eyes, nose and cheeks. This dark phenomenon usually fades after several months from the moment you give birth to a baby. However, according to ACOG, it is unlikely to disappear completely and there is not much you can do to stop it. To limit this darkening and darkening, pregnant mothers should limit their long stay in the direct sun. If you have to go outdoors, don't forget to wear a hat with a wide rim.

As said above, pregnant mothers at the 15th week are entering the 2nd trimep, which is the best trimep for pregnant mothers. Besides, this is also a "charming" trimepary when hormones change causing the mother to increase her desire. Some women suffer from increased libido due to changes in hormones, and increased blood flow can also increase euphoria and improve orgasm. Unless the doctor has advised you to limit this desire, otherwise the mother should comfortably enjoy, as this is completely safe for the fetus.

At the 15thweek , when the womb begins to grow, it will make it difficult to walk, sit and especially when lying asleep. To be more comfortable, you should learn to sleep on your left side, using multiple pillows so that the position feels most comfortable. Lying on your left side will help your mother's blood circulation better. She can sleep in an inclined position, putting her back on her knees to avoid pressure on her nerves. Another suggestion is that, when sitting, try to raise your legs a little by putting them on your leg tools. Currently on the market, there are many types of pillows that help pregnant women support their entire body.

Her body will change day by day, so she also needs to have a flexible training regime to suit her body's condition. At the 15th week of pregnancy, ensuring safety, balance and comfort while practicing is a top priority for mothers when practicing.

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