The change of pregnant women week 12

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The 12th week is the last week of the first 3-month period, the baby will grow very quickly compared to the first. Through ultrasound images, your baby will look like a complete body. Inside, many of the baby's muscles are growing. The baby's kidneys are ready for the production of urine. The fetus also begins to have fingers, toes and also nails.

1. The change of the 12th week of the pregnant woman

The majority of 12-week pregnant women have gradually or completely endedtheir sickness period , however, this is also a period when babies in the abdomen are growing very fast. Do not worry, at this stage the risk of miscarriage of the pregnant mother will decrease significantly, that is, you are entering a safe period of pregnancy.

Surely, after viewing the fetal images through ultrasound photos, you and your family will be very excited, happy and looking forward to the birth of the baby. Especially the pregnant mother will be the one with the most emotions. Worry yes, nervous yes, but for the most part you will feel energized at the 12th week and also the next few weeks. This is because the metabolism in the body works more efficiently, helping you to have more energy, reducing fatigue in preparation for the childbirth period.

Pregnancy at the 12thweek , your uterus fits in your pelvis. But when it starts moving upwards this week, the pressure on your bladder will start to increase a little. This also means that your belly will grow larger and make you look a little round. Depending on the development of the fetus and the state of the mother, at this stage the pregnant mother can gain from 1.5 kg to 5 kg.

Pregnant women at week 12 will have a significant change in skin, especially the area around the nipple that already has the appearance of dark circles. Your chest will stretch. Most often, these dark areas will light up or return to their original state after you give birth to a baby.

The change of pregnant women week 12

The change of the 12th week of the pregnant woman

Most likely, your eyes vision will be significantly reduced, you will feel that everything around you is no longer as clear as before. Do not panic, the additional fluid that your body retains during pregnancy can also thicken the lens and cornea (the outer layer of your eyes). The pressure of fluid in your eyeballs may also change. Along with that, these changes can cause blurred vision. However, this condition will be overcome and return to normal on its own within two months after birth. But, in many cases, tell your doctor about the symptoms of your eyes, since they can also signal hypertension or diabetes.

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2. What should a 12th-week pregnant woman do?

Although pregnant women at the 12th week have entered a safe period, you should also pay attention to your health, limit heavy work, relieve mental pressures. Besides, it is time to find out in advance about your company's maternity leave policy and arrange the outstanding tasks before entering the maternity period by: Completing the tasks you are best responsible for; guide, train anyone who will take on your job when you take maternity leave of the company.

This is one of the 3 important stages in the pregnancy of each woman. Therefore, pregnant women should also pay attention to going for regular ultrasounds or pregnancy examinations to monitor the development as well as early detection of fetal malformations. Currently, ultrasound techniques are increasingly modern, to give results on the sex of the fetus, but at the 12th week it is too early to determine whether the baby is male or female.

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