The change of pregnant women in week 7

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The pregnant woman's body varies from week to week of pregnancy. By the 7th week, the pregnant woman may notice many pronounced changes such as a larger abdomen, an increased weight, a heavier lower body,…

1. The change of pregnant women in week 7

The pregnant woman's body changes day by day during pregnancy. This is a sign that the baby is gradually growing. Pregnancy at the 7thweek , the fetus is gradually forming all the necessary bodies , including the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and intestines. The baby's hands and feet are also beginning to form. This week, pregnant women may notice some physical and mental changes:

  • The weight of the pregnant woman continues to increase compared to the previous weeks but usually not much, about 05-1kg / month. Pregnant women do not need to worry too much, as it is a sign that the baby is growing.
  • Cases of heavy weight loss may not increase in the first 3 months, even weight loss. If the pregnant woman feels too tired to see a doctor for treatment.
  • The vagina will likely secrete more mucous discharge. This is completely normal but if the secretion has an abnormal color and smell, the pregnant woman should see a doctor for a visit
  • Cramps may occur during pregnancy at this stage
  • The nipples are enlarged, slightly sharper and darker
  • The abdomen gradually enlarges, the waist is thicker and the chest is also larger. The size of the pregnant mother's uterus also gradually increases
  • Sometimes pregnant women may feel a bit stunned, nauseous, vomiting, headache and fatigue

Sleep cramps

Pregnant women occasionally have cramps at the 7th week of pregnancy
  • Pregnant women may also suffer from constipation ,produced by the hormone progesterone during pregnancy. To limit this, pregnant women need to drink plenty of water and strengthen fiber in the diet
  • The mood of the pregnant woman also changes quite erratically, easily emotionally, can be happy, angry and then immediately feel happy and happy

2. What pregnant women need to do during pregnancy week 7

  • Never leave the stomach completely empty, which will help the pregnant woman not to feel nauseous. To prevent a drop in blood sugar, pregnant women should eat more protein, should stock up on snacks and eat more small meals instead of just three large meals.
  • Eat healthy ,stay away from foods that can harm pregnancy. It is advis recommended to drink plenty of water and eat a lot of fiber to overcome constipation
  • Take the necessary vitamins and minerals in accordance with your doctor's instructions
  • Get enough sleep. Reduce workload, rest and relax more. If you feel stressed, anxious, pregnant women can look to psychological consultants or take pre-maternity classes,meet and interact with other pregnant women to find sympathy and sharing.

Share99 International Health Hub offers a full maternity care program for women from the very beginning of pregnancy from the first months with a full range of pregnancy examinations, 3D ultrasounds, 4D routines and routine tests to ensure the mother is always healthy and the fetus develops comprehensively.

In addition to regular visits, women will also be consulted on nutrition, exercise, and participate in pre-maternity classes held weekly by the hospital so that the mother can gain weight properly and the fetus still absorbs nutrients well.

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doctor. Dr. Ngo Thi Uyen has more than 20 years of treatment experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology such as performing maternity health care counseling during pregnancy and labor, birth support, cesarean section. In particular, TS.BS Uyen has a lot of experience in:

  • Normal pregnancy examination and monitoring and high-risk pregnancy
  • Monitoring, supporting normal childbirth, laying with intervention.
  • Pregnancy examination and surgery
  • Infertility examination
  • Screening for gynecologic cancers
  • Examination and surgery of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, benign breast tumors
  • Treatment of cervical glands and cervical diseases.
  • Pre-marital examination and consultation, family planning measures.

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