Fetal development week 37

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Fetal development at 37 weeks, or 35 weeks after fertilization, is generally quite complete. Currently the mother's pregnancy is almost full months, the baby is large and sturdy. The 37-week fetus that has turned heads is not yet a common question at this stage.

1. Overview of fetal development of 37 weeks

How much does a 37-week fetus weigh? With a weight of about 2900g and a length of 53cm, the baby is now the equivalent of a small bowling ball, a bunch of vegetables or a cast iron melon. Babies will increase from 14g per day to about 200g per week.

The head of the fetus at this stage is already very large, with a circumfer circumferance equivalent to the chest ring when the baby is born. You'll also see a pretty chubby baby with flesh on your elbows, wrists, knees, as well as small marks on your neck or shoulders.

The mother's labor day is approaching, exactly the fetus will be born within 3 weeks, but the baby can still be born earlier on any day from this time. If the mother intends to have a cesarean section, the obstetrician will not schedule a cesarean section before week 39, unless there are abnormalities, medical intervention is required earlier.

2. Details of the development of the 37-week fetus

  • The fetus may have turned its head

Has the 37-week fetus turned? In preparation for the date of birth, the baby's head can begin to move into place in the mother's pelvis and cause abdominal salapse. For some cases where the fetus has not yet turned around at this stage, obstetricians will inform the condition and discuss with the mother the directions for solving this problem.

  • Immune system

The baby's immune system is also growing and will continue to improve until after the baby is born. Breastfeeding babies is one of the simplest but effective ways to strengthen your baby's immune system.

  • Lungs and brain

Although the fetus now looks like a normal newborn, in reality the baby is not quite ready to adapt to the outside world. The fetal lungs, although developed, are incomplete and require more time. Specifically, in the next two weeks, the baby's lungs and brain are completely mature. Therefore, although the date of birth is near, doctors will not identify as a full-month baby until the 39th week of pregnancy.

Fetal development week 37

Details of the development of the 37-week fetus
  • Practice

It's still quite early if the baby is born this week. Between now and week 39, your baby will take the time to train for her respiratory tract by inhaling and exhaling in amniotic fluid, blinking or opening her eyes gradually and turning from side to side.

  • Grip

The baby's fingers have developed more skillfully. At this time, the fetus can hold small parts of the body such as the nose or toes.

  • Hand sucking

It is more likely that the baby will suck the thumb a lot during these days in preparation for breastfeeding after birth.

  • Baby hair

Some babies are born with short hair or very little hair, but on the contrary there are also many babies who have quite a lot of hair, with a length of 1-4cm. Sometimes the baby's hair is not the same color as the parents. This is a normal phenomenon, there are cases when the baby's hair then falls out completely and regrows with a different color.

  • Continuous pedals

Because the fetus is already lying tightly in the womb, it is impossible to acrobatics or sneer much more, but the baby continues to perform kicks or kicks. If the mother feels that the baby is too quiet at this stage, it is necessary to contact the obstetrician to conduct an examination.

3. Notes for mom at 37 weeks

  • Fetus 37 weeks abdominal stiff mound

At this stage, Braxton Hicks contractions (false pain) may appear more frequently and prolonged, causing more discomfort to the mother. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the obstetrician clearly for instructions on the correct signs of labor as well as the time of hospitalization.

  • Bloody vaginal volume

You'll notice an increase in vaginal secrety. But if a small amount of blood is detected, this may signal the imminent date of birth. In case the mother has more severe bleeding, it is recommended to go to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital for an immediate examination.

  • Water replenishes

Although the mother's body is already quite heavy at the moment, do not forget to continue adding fluid to the person. Experts advise mothers to drink enough 8 glasses of water a day will help alleviate edema.

Fetal development week 37

Mom can refer to how to train in the days of near birth
  • Select some exercises

Mother can refer to how to practice with balls or massage the mesmenity during the days of near birth. These movements have the effect of strengthening the abdominal muscles, as well as bringing relaxation and lightness during the upcoming labor.

In addition, mothers should also complete the decoration of the newborn reception room or experience gypsum abdominal laying service to save the mark of the development of the fetus week 37. Do not forget to relax and rest to the maximum, both physically and mentally, to create the best opportunity for babies to be born healthy, avoiding premature birth. When seeing a 37-weekfetus with abdominal stiffness, the mother needs to distinguish what is a false contraction and what are the correct signs of labor in order to have appropriate and timely treatment.

In order to prepare for a successful birth, in the last 3 months of pregnancy, the health of both mother and baby needs to be closely monitored and examined. Pregnant women firmly grasp the signs of skin transfer, distinguish amniotic fluid, signs of premature birth, monitor for psychological bouts, pregnancy machine to get to the hospital in a timely manner. In fact, in the last weeks of pregnancy it can be difficult to distinguish the above signs, there have been many unfortunate cases that occur only because of these small negligences. Therefore, in the last weeks in addition to regular pregnancy examinations scheduled by doctors, mothers need to actively choose reputable hospitals with good expertise to perform childbirth.

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