Fetal development week 16

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The 16-week fetus appears a behavior that will become habitual in newborn babies, which is sucking the thumb. The fetal existing system is also ready and can begin to work.

1. Fetal development 16 weeks

The development of the 16th week fetus of pregnancy (equivalent to 14 weeks after fertilization) is characterized by the development of muscles in the dorsal and backbone areas, which causes the head and neck of the fetus to look even more straight. The eyes of the fetus can move slowly, the ears also begin the final final steps, the small bones in the ear gradually work so that the fetus can feel the sound from the outside.

The fetal 3 3 3 20th 20th of the fetus is capable of moving together and is visible during ultrasound. However, these athletes are too young for the pregnant woman to feel (the pregnant woman has not seen signs of pregnancy).

How many grams does a 16-week-old fetus weigh? The fetus at week 16 weighed about 100g (3.5 ounces) and was about 11.5cm (4.5 inches) long.

cleaning the head of the chest before breastfeeding

Pregnant breasts continue to grow enlarged

2. Changes of the pregnant body during pregnancy of 16 weeks

  • The breasts continue to grow enlarged: this is a very normal phenomenon, although some pregnant women will feel a little uncomfortable;
  • Constipation: besides the effects of hormones during pregnancy, the uterus increases in size, increasing the pressure on the colon, making constipation more severe. Drink enough water to alleviate this condition;
  • Increased vaginal secretion: although vaginal secretion is very useful for the body, it causes the pregnant woman to feel inconvenient;
  • Back pain: as the pregnancy grows, the pregnant womb enlarges, causing the back area to be under more pressure causing back pain. Taking a warm bath with a shower or taking a dip in a warm bath can help your mother relieve pain;
  • Root bleeding: after brushing the teeth some pregnant women find themselves bleeding root. This is very normal because the hormones during pregnancy cause the gums to become inflamed and easily bleed. Pay attention to oral hygiene more often.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

3. What tests does a 16-week fetus need?

Medical examination

Maternity Care Program at Share99 International Health Hub is a worthy choice for pregnant women

Pregnant women should take a triple test if the first 3 months have not been screened for double tests, which is a blood test to measure the concentration of certain substances, to estimate the likelihood of the fetus having a genetic disorder. The time of the test is between the 14th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy, but for the most accurate results it is recommended to conduct the test at weeks 16 to 18. In particular, 3 months between pregnancies is a period of strong development of the fetus. Pregnant women need:

  • Comprehensive fetal malformations screening using superior 4D ultrasound techniques.
  • Screening for gestational diabetes, avoiding causing many dangerous complications for both mother and baby.
  • Control the mother's weight appropriately to assess the state of health of the pregnant woman and the development of the fetus.
  • Understand the signs of premature birth (especially in people with multiple pregnancies or a history of miscarriage, premature birth) for timely pregnancy therapy.

To protect mothers and babies during pregnancy, Share99 provides a full maternity service to help monitor the health status of mothers and babies comprehensively, regular pregnancy examinations with leading obstetrician and gynecologist, complete tests, important screenings for obstetrics and gynecology, timely consultation and intervention when detecting abnormalities in the health of mothers and babies.

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Reference source: webmd.com; mayoclinic.org

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