Fetal development week 27

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The twenty-seventh week of pregnancy marks the last two weeks of the second quarter, which is a major milestone for both mother and baby, and the beginning of the final stages of pregnancy.

1. How does a 27-week-old fetus develop?

At week 27 of pregnancy, your baby is now as big as a broccoli. On average, the baby weighs about 907 grams and is about 36.6 cm long. Due to the rapid growth rate, the baby's head grows heavier over time, along with the impact of force, the direction of the baby's space will be changed.

The baby's eyes are in the process of development and the retina is forming. Babies are forming their own patterns and sleeping patterns, so mothers may notice that they are operating on a schedule, a pattern, including when they are awake and active as well as when they are asleep and quieter

The baby's brain continues to form and develop, although there is no real evidence yet, experts say that at this time the baby can dream. Please note that the baby reacts very strongly to the sound and changes in temperature from the environment.

As the baby is older, he will react to feelings of disagreement. The baby can be more active when the mother is walking on the road, he can hear sounds from the means of transportation, and there are also melodies or songs that excites our little friends.

2. Mother's body during week 27 of pregnancy


Besides growing cravings, mom may also have heartburn

Besides growing cravings, mom may also have heartburn. Eat light snacks and less spicy to prevent heartburn. If heartburn during pregnancy is so severe that it makes it difficult for the mother to sleep or eat, talk to your doctor about measures that will help alleviate the symptoms.

Adequate rest is important for the mother at the 27th week of gestation and later. Being overwhelmed can make your mother extremely tired, even lose consciousness, faint and raise blood pressure. Mother should also be aware of avoiding excessive heat. Taking a warm bath can help your mother relax, but it is not recommended to overheat, too high a temperature causes her blood pressure to spike, causing nose bleeding or fatigue.

3. Abdominal ring week 27 in pregnancy

Pay more attention to skin care as the belly grows larger. Mothers can moisturize with lotion or olive oil to increase skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks are common when you're pregnant, but you can make them smaller and dimmer when they're adequately moisturized. Fully moisturized skin will stretch darker and harder to crack.

Her navel was pushed out completely, even appearing under the layer of clothing. Mothers may notice a dark line along the womb, this type of pigmentation is common and normal, nor has there been any negative impact on the health of the mother and baby.

4. Symptoms of Gestational Week 27

Appetite grew as mum entered the third quarter. The most important thing is that mothers should only opt for healthy foods and stay away from sweets, fats and carbohydrates.

Avoid eating junk food, as well as too spicy or too salty food. It's easy for both mother and baby to gain weight from this point on, so try not to gain more weight than recommended.

Shortness of breath and chest pain are common symptoms at 27 weeks of gestation, but check immediately if the pain worsens or makes her uncomfortable. Edema of the face, hands, neck, ankles and legs is completely normal. However, if you have trouble dressing or tucking your feet into your shoes due to edema, inform your doctor immediately. The more the sub-replacement is rested the more it helps with edema symptoms.

5. 27 weeks gestational ultrasound

Throughout the week of pregnancy 27, the mother will not do an ultrasound if there are no problems that require examination. But in the following cases, the doctor will prescribe an ultrasound to the mother:

  • Baby hiccups beyond normal
  • Fetuses with little or no movement
  • The baby is overactive or pedals continuously for hours
  • Abnormal or symptomatic swelling of pre-production
  • Any specific symptoms or health problems caused by your mother's medical history

During this time, try to find out as much information about the newborn, because after giving birth it will be much more difficult to learn and do. If your mother's current life situation is too stressful, consult an expert on how to manage stressful situations and how to react to it.

6. What pregnant mothers need to be answered by a doctor

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Make sure you master the following doctor's instructions:

  • How edema and cramps are normal, how are warning signs. Depending on the condition of each pregnancy, the doctor will show the mother how to monitor the symptoms and how to distinguish them from dangerous signs.
  • How to relieve back pain. The older the baby, the more uncomfortable she feels. The doctor will show her how to relieve pain and make her feel better.
  • Hemorrhoid treatment. Hemorrhoids are common symptoms in pregnancy, but may be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Consult your doctor about safe medications and other treatments to reduce itching and burning.

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In addition to regular visits, women will also be consulted on nutrition and exercise so that the mother can gain weight properly and the fetus still absorbs nutrients well. Obstetrics and Gynecology will be consulted and checked under the close supervision of experienced and professional obstetrician, helping mothers have more knowledge to protect their health during pregnancy as well as minimize complications affecting mothers and children.

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