Fetal development week 17

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The 17-week fetus has almost ready-to-functioning body systems, blood has been pumped away in the circulation system, the kidneys begin dialysis, and the appearance of the fetus is also gradually perfected.

1. Fetal development week 17

The development of the fetus 17 weeks (equivalent to 15 weeks after fertilization) is characterized by the appearance of fetal toenails. The subcutaneous fat layer of the fetus begins to form and develop until the end of pregnancy.

The fetus in the amniotic chamber is more active, begins to roll, rotate, flip. The fetal heart no longer beats freely, but beats under the control beat of the brain (140 -150 cycles/min), and can pump about 100 pints of blood per day (~47-48 liters of blood per day).


Pregnant women who are 17 weeks pregnant may have headaches

2. Changes in pregnant women at 17 weeks gestation

  • Increased appetite: these days pregnant women often have a feeling of hunger and appetite. Try to choose healthy, fiber-rich and healthy foods;
  • Appearance of stretch marks: on the abdomen of the pregnant woman may begin to appear stretch marks, but if the pregnant woman gains weight not too quickly, the stretch marks will not be too severe;
  • Or have headaches: whether the cause of headache is hormones, fatigue, stress or any other reason, try to relax, and if you need to take medication, consult your doctor;
  • Dizziness, fainting: dehydration can cause dizziness, so rehydration by drinking at least eight cups of water a day;
  • Gastroesophageal reflux: if the pregnant woman feels burning in the chest after a large meal, avoid the post-eating position to limit reflux;
  • Back pain: the fetus is getting older and this phenomenon is completely normal.

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