Fetal development week 10

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At the 10th week, the pregnant mother is in the 3rd month of pregnancy and the fetus is only berries. During this period, the fetus develops very quickly, and the shape of a baby can be seen more clearly.

1. Fetal development at week 10

At this stage, the fetus is almost 4cm long. The fetus no longer has membranes between the toes and hands and the nails are being formed. The head of the fetus is gradually enlarging due to the rapid development of the brain. The teeth of the fetus grow under the benefit, are hardening and associated with the jawbone. The baby will close his eyes and will only open his eyes at the 27th week.

In addition, bones and cartilage in the legs are developing into the knees and ankles and hands along with the elbows that have been formed. The fetal stomach has begun to secrete taste and the kidneys are creating more urination. If your child is a boy, testosterone hormones are also being produced during this period.

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Pregnant mother can see belly protruding at 10th week

2. Changes in pregnant mothers during pregnancy of the 10th week

At the 10th week,the pregnant mother can already see the protruding abdomen, but do not worry if you have not seen the abdominal reveal at this stage because each woman's body is different. The pregnant mother will also begin to have blue tendons in the chest and abdomen; this is the growing source of blood and nutrition to the fetus. The green tendon will disappear after childbirth and lactation.

In addition, other symptoms may appear at the 10th week of pregnancy:

  • Fatigue :The pregnant mother will still feel tired at this stage due to the rapid development of the fetus. Walk and exercise gently so that your friend can feel more comfortable and sleep better.
  • Sickness : You will still have frequent feelings of nausea and vomiting, but you should not skip meals due to the feeling of nausea that will increase if your blood pressure is low. Drink ginger tea or eat candy with ginger to relieve nausea.
  • Heartburn and indgestion:Avoid foods such as bread or noodles and eat a lot of fiber foods. You should not lie down immediately after meals to avoid gastric reflux and heartburn.
  • Dizziness: Due to the increasing amount of blood to provide nutrition to the fetus, you will feel dizzy when the blood pressure is high. Rest when you feel dizzy and snack so that blood sugar can increase.
  • Ligament pain :Due to the ligaments in the pregnant womb that are dilated, the pregnant mother may feel pain. Massage your abdomen or rest when you feel this pain.

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Fatigue is a sign of a 10th week of pregnant women

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