Fetal development week 15

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The skin of the 15-week fetus is still very thin, and if viewed directly, we can see the whole thing that is present inside the fetal body through that skin, especially the complex vascular system that is gradually forming.

1. Fetal development at the 15th week

As soon as the egg is fertilized by sperm, a complex but predictable process takes place to form a baby. Fertilization usually occurs at a time after two weeks from the beginning of the last period. As a rule, the date of birth will be calculated after 40 weeks from the first day of the last period, which means that the duration of the period of menstruation is also counted into the period of pregnancy, although in fact fertilization may not have happened yet!

Fetal development of 15 weeks (equivalent to 13 weeks after fertilization) takes place very quickly and strongly. Overall, the appearance of the fetus gradually becomes similar to the image of a miniature baby. The bones continue to grow further, and will be visible under ultrasound images after a further period of time. The scalp with fetal hair also begins to form. The muscles of the fetus are stronger, helping the fetus to move limbs, hold hands, curl toes and express emotions on the face. However, because the size of the 15-week fetus is small, the fetus is therefore unable to feel the fetal activities that take place in the uterus (that is, no signs of machine pregnancy have been shown).

2. The change of pregnancy during pregnancy at the 15th week

Eat while pregnant

The body will gradually feel much more hungry than before pregnancy at 15 weeks
  • Reflux of the este –stomach : The body will gradually feel much more hungry than before, so it is easy to lead to overeination of food at a time, causing gastric reflux – the entage to appear. To prevent this phenomenon, eat as many meals a day to avoid the digestive system being overloaded when eating a large meal.

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  • Dizziness: If you feel dizzy, want to faint, lie down immediately, or sit bowed between your knees. If you can't get a place to lie down or sit down, get down on your knees and keep your head down front to avoid fainting and may be injured if you fall.
  • Frequent headaches: Hormones, fatigue, stress,… all can cause headaches. To relieve pain, try sitting in a dark, quiet place.
  • Brain during pregnancy: Can not remember normal things, or forget objects,… that is the effect on the brain during pregnancy. Use anything you can (like notes, phones, tablets,…) to help organize things and avoid forgetting important things.

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The article references the source: Mayoclinic.org, Webmd.com, Babycenter.com, Whattoexpect.com.

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