Fetal development week 1

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The fetus in the first week of pregnancy has not yet shown any indication of clarity in shape and size, however the doctor still calculates this as part of the process of fetal formation. In fact, the first week of pregnancy is the mother's monthly week.

1. Fetal development of 1 week old

The actual development of a 1-week-old fetus is not much different from normal, it takes a few weeks for the fetus to be formed. But not so that the first week is less important, because this is the time for mom to plan and prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

The fetal date of birth is usually calculated as 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual cycle. However, in some cases, those born late will have a pregnancy that lasts up to 42 weeks.

2. Changes in the mother's body at the first week of pregnancy

Here are some signs that make it easy to recognize that you are in the first week of pregnancy:

  • Menstrual delay (if you are someone with a regular menstrual cycle)

Fetus week 1 head

Menstruation delay is a noticeable sign when you are pregnant
  • Increased body temperature
  • Udder with signs of erection, swelling, dark-colored breast
  • Feel uncomfortable with many smells
  • Neurological disorders, temperament easily change erratically
  • Urinate more during the day

3. How does conception work?

Conception usually takes place silently and does not manifest it to the outside. Eggs will take about a short time to separate from the ovaries, in a period of 12-24 hours, the eggs will move from the ovaries to the ovulation. Here, the sperm will meet the egg and begin fertilization. Sperm vitality is often tougher than eggs, and those sperm must be really healthy and fastest to overcome the arduous journey to reach the duct.

By the time the egg fertilizes and nests on the body of the uterus, you may have some bleeding, which is called gestational blood. However, it is necessary to distinguish gestational blood and kinh blood to avoid confusion.

4. What should pregnant mothers do during the first week of pregnancy?

Vitamin supplements:

The addition of vitamins during pregnancy is key to help you and your baby stay healthy, especially folic acid. The recommended dosage for pregnant mothers is 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Numerous studies have in explained that taking folic acid supplements before pregnancy will bring many important health benefits for mothers and babies, including reduced risk of miscarriage, congenital heart defects, gestational diabetes and premature birth.

Notes on the use of the drug:

If you are using prescription drugs, or herbs, you should consult an obstetrician about the use of the drug during pregnancy as soon as possible because they can harm the health of the fetus. Even herbs that you have heard useful during pregnancy can be dangerous at different times over the next nine months. You should also ask your doctor the following questions:

  • Should prescription or over-the-counter medications continue during the beginning of pregnancy?
  • What to prepare or do before pregnancy?
  • What types of diseases should be vaccinated preventively before pregnancy?

Abandon the habit of smoking:

It is never too early (or late) to give up the habit of smoking. Smoking seriously reduces your fertility and can harm the uns yet-born fetus. Smoking during conception increases the risk of an unsymed pregnancy and continuous smoking can increase many pregnancy complications, including abnormal implants or premature placenta peeling, premature amniotic rupture, and premature birth. In case you are someone who can hardly give up smoking, it is best to go to your doctor for advice and put in place safety measures for stopping smoking.

Regular medical check-up:

Fetus week 1 head

You should go to obstetric and gynecology clinics for regular health checks and routine pregnancy check-up

You should go to obstetric and gynecology clinics for regular health checks and routine pregnancy examinations. During your first visit, you will learn about the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle hazards that may endanger your fertility and your baby. To prepare for a regular check-up, you should find out and understand the information about your menstrual cycle, the list of medications you are taking, any chronic conditions you have, and your family health history.

Note when eating seafood:

You should absolutely avoid consuming mercury-filled fish such as swordfish, blue tuna, ma ma ma'an,… These types of fish have a negative effect on the development of the fetus.

Always keep a relaxed state throughout your pregnancy:

Pregnant mothers can do anything as long as you feel really comfortable and relaxed. Relaxing methods such as meditation, yoga, reading, listening to music,… Stress not only affects your mood, but also reduces fertility.

5. Should I have sex in the first week of pregnancy?

Most pregnant mothers find it hard to recognize that they are pregnant at the first week, but only think that the "red light" day is later than usual. That's why many women still do "that" in the first week of pregnancy. However, having sex at this time does not affect the fetus much. Because the baby in the womb is located in the uterus, surrounded by stains- considered a good environment to help protect the baby from trauma. Even when the pregnant mother orgasms, the fetus will feel relaxed like she is being lulled to sleep.

One thing to note that, sex during pregnancy, especially the first week does not cause a miscarriage as rumors make you nervous. So, feel free to participate in the "fun" if you feel excited during pregnancy.

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