The connection between ovarian cysts and infertility

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Ovarian cysts are a common disease in women. One of the most concerned ovarian cyst problems is does the ovarian cyst cause infertility? The following article will give you useful information about that issue.

1. Overview of ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts usually do not cause clinical manifestations of symptoms. Sometimes there is only a feeling of lower abdominal pain, back pain or pain during menstruation. Not all ovarian cysts affect fertility. Classification of ovarian cysts:

  • Functional tumours: will lose themselves after some menstrual cycles, without affecting fertility.
  • Ovarian cysts: Cysts, water cysts, omelette cysts, endometriosis … the majority of these cysts do not directly affect fertility, are simply symptoms of larger diseases that can affect fertility.


Photos of ovarian cysts

2. The link between ovarian cysts and infertility

There are several types of cysts associated with reduced fertility. In fact, this influence depends on the type of ovarian cyst that the person suffers from.

Endometriosis is an example of the disease that can cause ovarian cysts to affect fertility. Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue develops out of place outside the uterus. When this mucous layer develops inside the ovaries it will cause endometriosis ovarian cysts. Although doctors do not yet have an answer to the question of whether ovarian cysts cause infertility, according to studies, endometriosis is closely related to infertility; Some studies prove that women with mild endometriosis even have a 2% to 4% chance of pregnancy per month (compared to 15% 20% in healthy women). When the cyst grows large, it will both pinch other egg cells that cannot grow, and interfere with the ovulation process for conception. If the tumor grows too large in both ovaries and no longer heals, it can greatly affect the fertility of the woman Endometriosis affects the ability to conceive because it causes stickiness, obstruction of the proboscis, endometriosis in the muscles of the uterus , causing a contraction of the uterus that affects the ability of the pregnancy to nest. Endometriosis in the abdomen affects immune factors, so it also affects the process of conception and nesting of the pregnancy.



In rare cases, ovarian cysts can develop into ovarian cancer. This not only affects the possibility of pregnancy, but also endangers life.

Does treatment of ovarian cysts cause infertility? That depends on your treatment choices. Often the treatment of hormones does not have a long-term effect on fertility. The surgery is always accompanied by the risk of affecting the ovaries and the risk of possible complications (rarely) leading to the risk of cutting the whole ovaries. Both of the above risks lead to ovarian failure and your pregnancy rate is also lower.

Polycystic ovaries (PCOS) are a syndrome caused by hormone balance disorders. Late is the most common symptom that causes PCOS women to see and consult a doctor. The main cause of rarity in PCOS women is ovule release disorders that lead to a decrease in fertility.

For ovarian cysts that affect fertility, an early treatment regimen is required to improve fertility. If you have been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and are worried about getting pregnant, consult with your doctor so that your doctor will discuss treatment options that may improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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