Can a year's cesarean section get pregnant again?

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Maternity usually has a faster rate of recovery than cesarean section. However, not all mothers give birth in a favorable way, there are many women who have chosen or are required to have a cesarean section. So can a 1-year cesarean section re-get pregnant, this is the question of many women who "break their plans" to get pregnant after 1 year of cesarean section or want to give birth in the first year.

1. Can you get pregnant again after a year of cesarean section?

The distance between the two births is important, which directly affects the health and safety of both the pregnant mother and the fetus. After 1 year of pregnancy, it is not a matter of a lot of pregnant mothers are interested in finding out. Usually when a cesarean section is born at the first birth, most mothers will tend to continue having a cesarean section at the 2nd time. However, getting pregnant too early after the first cesarean section can cause the mother to face certain dangers, it is best to have a distance long enough for the incision to be restored.

In fact, pregnancy returning after caesarean section for 1 year is not uncommon. It is not necessary for every pregnant woman who falls into this case to prescribe abortion. The chances of you rounding up square children are quite possible. However, at this time, pregnant women need to examine and monitor the pregnancy closely to see if the old incision is painful or abnormal, plan to give birth at a provincial hospital or obstetrics and gynecology hospital – where there are sufficient conditions to handle dangerous situations if any occur. During this time, as soon as there are any abnormal signs, the pregnant woman also needs to go to the hospital quickly to be examined, determine the cause and have appropriate and timely treatment.

In short, can a year's cesarean section get pregnant again? The answer is not necessarily "No" but it is completely discouraged mothers from giving birth too early.

2. Risks that can be encountered when pregnancy returns too early after cesarean section

2.1 Cracking old incisions if two pregnancies are too close together

Especially for pregnant women returning after cesarean section for 1 year or even shorter. The old surgical scar that exists in the uterus may not have fully healed, as the size of the fetus grew, the uterus had to expand making the incision susceptible to podiums.

Although the cracking of incisions during pregnancy is not encountered by any pregnant woman, there is certainly a certainly high rate and usually occurs in the last months of pregnancy. Therefore, if the pregnant woman "breaks the plan", she must absolutely comply with the requirements of the doctor, remember the abnormal warning signs to enter the hospital in a timely manner. The cracking of old incisions will mainly endanger the mother.

Can a year's cesarean section get pregnant again?

Old surgical scars can be torn if pregnant near each other

2.2 Increased odds of comb teeth

Comb teeth are placenta phenomena that cling tightly to the intra-uterus. During the crossing, the doctor will have to find a way to peel off the placenta, which will increase the risk of bleeding at birth and increase the risk of having to have the whole uterus removed for pregnancy in the worst case.

2.3 Nesting on old scars

This is the phenomenon of the fetus forming and clinging to the old surgical scar that puts the pregnant woman at high risk of bleeding at birth, in bad cases it may be necessary to have a cut of the uterus after the pregnancy to prevent bleeding. It can be seen that if 2 cesarean sections are too close together, the mother will face serious health risks, even life-threatening.

2.4 Incision hemorrhage during pregnancy

As the fetus gradually grows over time, the uterus of the pregnant woman will dilate, which can cause the old stitches to tear or stretch leading to hemorrhage. This can occur early from the middle 3 months or occur in the last 3 months of pregnancy.

3. When is it possible to get pregnant again after cesarean section ?

According to obstetrician doctors, to ensure safety after cesarean section, mothers should wait a minimum of 18-23 months to get pregnant again, it is best for women to get pregnant for the second time from 2-3 years, this is the necessary time for the uterus scar to fully recover. If the pregnant woman is older (>35), it is possible to get pregnant again a little earlier, however it is still necessary to consult a doctor before planning to have the next baby after the previous cesarean section.

4. If the pregnancy is too close, should it be broken or not?

Besides mothers who insist on keeping their babies, there are still many who have hastily decided to "quit" without knowing that this can be a negative and less safe option.

The problem is not only heavy psychology, but also physical risk. When the surgical scar is very new, every procedure that affects the uterus at this time – including "quit" the pregnancy can be a cause of the scar worsening, affecting the problem of reproduction later. On the other hand, the existence of scars can also increase the risk of accidents during abortion, including medical abortion with drugs.

Can a year's cesarean section get pregnant again?

See a doctor when you are too close to carrying a brass

Therefore, when you miss the plan after 1 year of cesarean section, pregnant, it is most important to seek the support of a reputable specialist to receive the right advice, do not "skip the pregnancy" on your own for benefits that do not necessarily outweigh the risk that the mother may face.

5. How to minimize the risks of cesarean section?

According to the Master. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Chien, clinician at The Center for Assisted Reproduction, Share99 Times City International Health Hub:

  1. If a cesarean section or caesarean section is in place, it is not recommended because it is not recommended because it is necessary to choose a date and time to apply for an early cesarean section. If surgery is in place, it is better to operate close to the date of birth.
  2. Choose a place to give birth as well as your surgeon if possible. Cesarean section is usually not a difficult technique, but in fact there are also difficult cases. Doctors who operate on multiple socks will operate faster, but surgery too quickly or too long is not good. Not a cesarean doctor 15- 20 minutes is a good surgeon, cesarean section needs from 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on each case. If a surgeon has a scar and a lot of incision condensation, the doctor will not operate well. Many people think that, especially doctors, the cause is the patient's location but also according to Dr. Chien Surgical Techniques plays a decisive role. At Share99 Health Hub with advanced painless calving methods and a team of professional anesthesithesies will no longer have the pain of wrestling. For caesarean maternity will be nerve anesthesia by ultrasound machine in the treatment of post-surgery pain. The results of the most recent anesthgesy effect assessment showed that all cesarean sections do not have to use morphine, post-birth pain during movement and living is almost no longer recorded

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