Abdominal ultrasound at the emergency bed

The article was consulted professionally by Master, Dr Phan Ngoc Math – Emergency Resuscitation Doctor – Emergency Resuscitation Department – Share99 Da Nang International Hospital.

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An emergency abdominal ultrasound is one of the most performed bedside emergency visits today when the patient is in a state of shock, danger, and unable to move.

1. What does abdominal ultrasound do?

Abdominal ultrasound is a subclinical diagnostic method that is very commonly applied in medicine today. Ultrasound recovers abdominal images in real time, helping doctors observe the internal structure of internal organs and detect abnormalities if any.

Like other ultrasonic methods, abdominal ultrasound uses ultrasonic and recording probes, which release the image form should be fast, efficient, safe for human health. There have been no records of abdominal ultrasounds harming patients' health.

Abdominal ultrasound is now used in health checks periodically and diagnosticly identify specific pathologies such as:

  • Liver diseases: Cirrhosis, Hepatitis B, fatty liver, benign and malignant liver tumors, liver anesthiesis,…

Common liver diseases

Ultrasound detection of liver pathology
  • Abnormalities of the ovary system in the muscles: Ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, prostate cancer, proboscis pustules, ovarian cancer, proveolitis,…
  • Abnormalities of the digestive system such as: intestinal cage, digestive tumors, appendicitis, small intestine inflammation, intestinal twisting,…
  • Biliary abnormalities: Biliary tumors, gallstones, gallbladder inflammation, gallbladder polyps, biliary malformation,…
  • Abnormalities of the pancreas: Injuries, stones, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, congenital pancreatic abnormalities, types of pancreatic tumors,…
  • Abnormalities of the urinary system: injuries, excreted sugar tumors, obstructions, malformation, obstruction of the excreted sugar such as ureter stones, cystitis, kidney inflammation, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, bladder stones, kidney stones,…
  • Spleen pathology: spleen anesthpleen, spleen lymphoma, enlarged spleen, spleen ,…
  • Post-peritoneal diseases: post-peritoneal fibrosis, post-peritoneal tumors.

In addition, abdominal ultrasound can assess the amount of water in the abdomen, in the pericardia or pleural cavity. Ultrasound images are also valuable for detecting abdominal epidemic diseases, aortic aneurysms.

Abdominal ultrasound detects gynecology

Abdominal ultrasound images

2. Abdominal ultrasound at the emergency bed

Abdominal ultrasound – subframe is an integral component of important care ultrasound (CCUS – see pulmonary ultrasound). CCUS of the pelvic abdomen often evaluates the patient for the origin of sepsis and acute abdominal pain that has not yet determined the cause.

Patients with severe or severe pain are usually in the position of lying on their backs for an ultrasound examination of the abdomen. Areas of concentration for scanning include the renal liver pit (Morrison's bag), the renal spleen pit, the upper right upper quarter corner, the upper left quarter corner, the pelvic pit on both sides, the same rectum and uterus. Phase probes (1 – 5 Mhz) or curved probes (1 – 3 Mhz) can be used for abdominal scanning.

Medical Examination - Share99 Internal Medicine

In some cases, patients are prescribed ultrasound at the emergency bed

3. Abdominal ultrasound in the emergency bed is in place

Specify the method of emergency abdominal ultrasound in the following cases:

  • Abdominal injuries
  • Patients in hospital in shock
  • Ultrasound evaluation of abdominal fluid volume for patients with post-surgery acute pancreatitis
  • Suspected fluid, blood, abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture, gallstones, urolithiasis, fluid retention – renal tank purulent, abscess …
  • Suspected rupture of an intra-uterus
  • Suspected pleural, pleural
  • Suspected abdominal free gas in hollow organ rupture
  • Instructions for poking procedures – puncture of pleural effusion, placing outbreak conduction in the abdomen …

Abdominal ultrasound is one of the indispensable examinations in the general health examination packages at Share99 International Health Hub. The ultrasonic process is carefully carried out by experienced, highly specialized imaging, modern, high-tech ultrasonic systems, providing detailed, clear images, detecting very small abnormal images. This helps to detect the disease and the signs of early pathogens, which greatly helps the treatment process later.

To register for a general health check-up at Share99 International Hospital, customers can call the Health Hub Hotline or register for an online examination HERE.


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