Does a 3-5 week fetal probe ultrasound affect the fetus?

The article was consulted professionally by Master, Dr Trinh Thi Thanh Huyen – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Hai Phong International Health Hub.

Ultrasound of the uterus probe is a modern, highly accurate pelvic ultrasound technique for pregnant women, even in cases where the pregnancy is still very small, only 3-5 weeks old.

1. What is ultrasonic probe?

Probe ultrasound is a painless method, which is being commonly applied today in the diagnosis of pregnancy determination and app its app its apperality problems.

When performing an ultrasound probe, the doctor will insert a dedicated probe that attaches ultrasound waves into the vagina and conducts observations of the inner genitals of women including the proboscis, ovulation tube, vagina, uterus, uterus,… At the same time, the probe ultrasound also helps the doctor to observe the formation of eggs, the period of ovulation and the thickness – thinning of the mucous layer in the wall of the uterus.

As a result, ultrasound of the uterus probe supports good artificial inse fertilization for people who are rare, difficult to have children and who want the best results of the conception process.

In addition, the probe ultrasound also helps detect diseases related to the reproduction system such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, proboscis and ovary obstruction, extra-uterinepregnancy, ,..

*Note: This method is recommended not to be used with children and women who have never had sex. In addition, it is not indicative of the probe ultrasound method for people with deformities in the genitals, who are in the menstrual period, are having acutegynecologic inflammation , severe acute vamatitis,… Instead, they can use other ultrasonic methods such as abdominal ultrasound, probe ultrasound,…

Vaginal Probe Ultrasound

Probe ultrasounds are commonly used to diagnose pregnancy

2. Probe ultrasound in pregnant women 3-5 weeks

For pregnant women, probe ultrasound is important in the diagnosis of pregnancy and early detection of fetal health problems.

The 3-week-old fetus is still in the early stages of nesting, there is not yet a certain shape. Although the embryo has formed, it still takes quite a long time for the embryonic sac to enter the uterus and nest. At this time, the fetus is very small that the naked eye cannot see, so the likelihood that the father and mother can see the fetal image through ultrasound is very low. Therefore, performing an ultrasound of the 3-week pregnancy probe will be too early and inaccurate.

By the time the fetus is 5-6 weeks old, although it is very small in size, the embryo is complete, so the pregnant woman can see the baby through ultrasound images. With a 5-week pregnancy probeultrasound method, the doctor can determine the level of fetal development and detect abnormal signs of the baby to promptly process and avoid endangering both the mother and the baby.

5-week-old fetus

5-week pregnancy probe ultrasound is very safe

3. Does the probe ultrasound affect the fetus in the first 3-5 weeks?

Many pregnant women are concerned that the use of probes into ultrasounds can affect the fetus. However, the probe ultrasound does not affect the pregnant woman and the fetus at all. This is a method of inserting an ultrasound probe inside the vagina and the doctor will only move around the vagina, not deep inside the cervical or ultrasound of the uterus probe, so it is very safe for the mother and baby.

In particular, ultrasonic probes also work:

  • Determine exactly whether the mother is pregnant or not, single or multi-pregnancy;
  • Accurately determine the location of the fetus (whether the fetus has entered the uterus) through a doctor's visit;
  • Observing the development of the fetus in the early stages includes: Fetal heart, the state of detection of the fetus;
  • Check the condition of the uterus and ovulation of the mother;
  • Early detection of extra-intra-uterus pregnancy, avoiding rupture of the gestational sac causing blood loss, abdominal infections that directly affect the life of the pregnant woman.

Usually, the gestational heart rate will appear from the 4th week of pregnancy 10 days on. However, in some cases, babies who are 7 weeks old appear heart rate. Therefore, if the probe ultrasound is too early and the fetal heart rate has not been seen, the pregnant woman should not worry too much.

Does pregnancy ultrasound affect anything

Customers using ultrasound services at Share99 Health Hub

When performing an ultrasound probe, the pregnant woman should limit the drinking of water, urinate all so that the bladder is empty to help get more accurate results. At the same time, although the ultrasound results of the probe are accurate, it is not necessary for each pregnancy examination to perform this technique. As the fetus grows more, the pregnant woman is advised to perform only ultrasound of the abdominal wall.

At the same time, pregnant women should choose a reputable pregnancy examination address, have an experienced doctor perform a safe probe ultrasound technique to ensure the most accurate diagnosis results.

At Share99 International Health Hub, there is a full maternity service as a solution to help pregnant mothers feel secure because there is a team of doctors throughout the pregnancy. When choosing a full-service maternity, a pregnant woman can:

  • The pregnancy process is monitored by a team of highly specialized doctors
  • Regular examination, early detection of abnormalities
  • Package maternity for the convenience of childbirth
  • Infants receive comprehensive care

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