Does a probe ultrasound affect the fetus?

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During the probe ultrasound, the doctor moves the device around the pregnant woman's vagina so as not to touch the cervical. This will not cause any damage to the cervical and uterus, from which the fetus will still be safely protected.

1. Learn about probe ultrasound in pregnant women

Vaginal Probe Ultrasound

Probe ultrasound is a type of pelvic ultrasound performed by a specialist

Probe ultrasound is a type of pelvic ultrasound performed by a specialist for examination, diagnosis and detection of diseases in the uterus, ovulation, ovaries, cervical and vaginal organs of women.

During the ultrasound, the doctor will insert a specialized ultrasonic probe into the inside of the vaginal tube, using high-frequency sound waves in contact through the vaginal alley to display in-depth, high-precision images.

For women with early pregnancy, an ultrasound of the pregnancy with a probe will help the doctor to determine the exact location of the fetus in order to detect the case of an extrasterical pregnancy. This is extremely important in preventing complications if the extra-intra-uterus pregnancy ruptures such as abdominal infections, rupture of the ovary ducts,.. that abdominal ultrasound cannot display embryonic images.

As a method used in the early stages of pregnancy, surely many pregnant mothers wonder that, in the early stages of pregnancy such as 2, 3 weeks, can there be a probe ultrasound? Accordingly, in these weeks, the fetus is still in the first step of nesting, although the embryo has already been formed, but it still takes a lot of time for the embryonic sac to enter the uterus and nest.

Therefore, if you want an ultrasound of the pregnancy probe 3 weeks or earlier, it is best for the pregnant woman to wait another 1 to 2 weeks because the ultrasound of the 3-week-old pregnancy probe will be too early and inaccurate. Cases of probe ultrasound will also not give a certain result at this time and may even affect the embryo.

If you are too anxious to know if you are pregnant in the early stages, doctors say the best method is to do a blood test. This is the method to know the most accurate.

So in the case of an 8-week pregnancy, 9 weeks of abdominal ultrasound or a probe? It is possible to ultrasound both of these methods, because the probe ultrasound has the effect of evaluatiing the gestational heart at the time of the 6th – 9th week of gestation. This will help the pregnant woman to recognize the condition of the fetus as well as detect early abnormalities in the fetal heart.

Usually probe ultrasound is performed with newly pregnant women. However there are large cases of pregnancy, the placenta clings to the back, the head of the fetus turns downwards obscuring the sound waves that make the doctor suspicious of the striker's placenta. At that time, the doctor will conduct an ultrasound of the probe to consider the position of the cake.

2. Does a probe ultrasound affect the fetus?

The insertion of such a medical device into the vagina, many pregnant women will worry that whether the probe ultrasound affects the pregnancy? Did you reach the fetus?

However, obstetrician said that during the probe ultrasound, the doctor moves the device around the pregnant mother's vagina so as not to touch the cervical. This will not cause any damage to the cervical and uterus. Therefore, the pregnant woman is completely assured that the ultrasound of the probe will not cause any effect on the uterus and cervical, from which the fetus is also safely protected.

There are a few notes for pregnant women when the probe ultrasound is necessary to urinate earlier so that the bladder is hollow so as not to interfere with the ultrasound device, it is recommended to wear spacious, comfortable clothes so that the ultrasound process takes place more smoothly.

Ultrasonic Probes

Probe ultrasound usually does not cause any damage to the uterus nor the fetus

3. Note when ultrasonic probes

Probe ultrasound usually does not cause any damage to the uterus nor the fetus of the fetus, so the pregnant woman can be assured of this effective method. Similar to other types of ultrasound, ultrasonic probes do not require much preparation, some notes when ultrasonic vaginal probes include:

  • When performing the probe ultrasound technique, the pregnant woman should limit the drinking of water and need to urinate all the way to the empty bladder, making the results more accurate.
  • Keeping yourself mentally and psychologically comfortable before going for an ultrasound is very important for pregnant mothers. Don't put yourself under stress and pressure because it will make it difficult for the ultrasound process.
  • Choose comfortable outfits when going ultrasonic probes.
  • Although the results of the probe ultrasound are accurate, it is not necessary for any pregnancy examination to perform this technique. When the fetus is more developed, it is recommended to perform an ultrasound of the abdominal wall only.
  • It is important to choose a reputable abortion address, a doctor who perform a probe ultrasound as well as a safe, experienced and highly specialized pregnancy examination to ensure the most accurate diagnosis results.

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