What is the best time for 4D ultrasound?

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Pregnancy ultrasound is a routine tool that helps obstetrician monitor pregnancy. Ultrasound can be carried out at various times to assess the development of the baby in the womb. Along with the progress of science and technology, ultrasound has become very popular and increasingly reflects the internal structure with 4D images. Follow the article below to learn the role of 4D ultrasound techniques in pregnancy.

1. What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive probe, which does not harm the person, using ultrasound waves to assess the structure, nature of an agency or a body (fetal ultrasound). In obstetrics and gynecology, ultrasound increasingly plays its leading role further in the case of other means of imagery, such as x-rays, which are almost contraindicing.


4D Pregnancy Ultrasound

2. What is 4D ultrasound?

Today, thanks to the application of scientific achievements, ultrasonic engineering has made great strides compared to the past. Compared to 2D basic ultrasound (2D ultrasound stands for "dimension"), 4D ultrasound allows images to appear on the screen to be shown one more way in space, helping the viewer to see easily structures such as real shots, instead of cross-sectional shapes such as 2D ultrasound.

In addition, the structure of the baby inside the mother's uterus is not only shown in terms of images and also shows movements such as watching a videotaw. Accordingly, the 4D ultrasonic system provides more beams and the speed of broadcasting also becomes faster. Observing the first images of the little angel, clearly seeing what you are doing, the pregnant mother will rise in the hearts of tens of thousands of emotions intertwined hard to describe. It is one of the outstanding advantages of 4D ultrasound.

3. What is the role of 4D pregnancy ultrasound?

Because the nature of each type of pregnancy ultrasound is different, obstetrician doctors will apply each type at each appropriate time of pregnancy, but absolutely none of them show much higher superiority.

If 2D pregnancy ultrasound only helps to assess the development of the baby in the most basic way through the indicators of femur length, head ring, determine the date of birth as well as the quality and quantity of amniotic fluid left over,… 4D pregnancy ultrasound will obviously provide more authentic images. This tool not only allows the doctor but also the pregnant mother to observe on the screen the face, limbs, body of the baby appears through many angles. However, from a professional perspective, 4D ultrasound is a useful tool for doctors to look for malformations, structures suspected congenital abnormalities such as cleft lip, cleft palate, Cleft palate, Down syndrome, shortlimbs or congenital heart diseases …

Not only that, coming to 4D pregnancy ultrasound, in addition to hosy-dimensional images, parents can also know what the little angel is doing in his secret world. Since then, some parents have kept them as early footage for their children; in it, if you are lucky, you will happen to see your baby smiling, yawning loudly, sucking your thumb or putting your feet ready to pedal into the womb wall.


4D Pregnancy Ultrasound for Sharp Images

4. When is it possible to perform 4D ultrasound?

Depending on the purpose and stage of pregnancy, ultrasound techniques will be performed in different roles. Therefore, at the stage from 20 to 24 weeks, the erthory characteristics of the baby have developed relatively completely outward and this is the right time to perform 4D ultrasound.

However, it is up to the doctor to decide exactly when to perform. If the pregnant mother has a regular pregnancy check-up, the doctor will remind the maternity of important times to assess the development of the pregnancy as well as survey birth defects.

In clinical practice, doctors often prescribe 4D ultrasound at 3 critical times:

  • Time of pregnancy 11 – 13 weeks: Measurement of nape blur and early detection of abnormalities
  • The time of pregnancy 21 – 22 weeks: fetal erm, visceral abnormalities..
  • Time of pregnancy 31 – 32 weeks: assessment of pregnancy development, detection of late abnormalities: duodenal obstruction, delayed pregnancy of growth …

4D ultrasound is a useful tool for special fetal surveys at gestational age of 21-22 weeks. Although ultrasound does not pose any harm to the child, mothers should not overdo this technique because there is almost no evidence to confirm that ultrasound does not pose a risk to the child at all in the future. Therefore, complying with the doctor's prescribed, performing pregnancy examinations and ultrasounds in reputable places is the best measure of monitoring the baby growing up day by day.

Master. Dr Ta Quoc Original is a Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Obstetrician and Gynecologist of Thai Nguyen Tw General Health Hub, Deputy Dean of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of University of Medicine. The doctor has a full range of practice certificates in the field of obstetrics and gynecology such as ultrasound, laparoscopic surgery, endoscopy and cervical incul burning, artificial insefining (IUI) …

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