Is infected miscarriage dangerous?

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Miscarriage is a phenomenon that occurs in 12% of women who know they are pregnant. There are many causes of miscarriage and clinically there are also many different forms of miscarriage. In particular, infected miscarriages are rare but very dangerous.

1. What is septic miscarriage?

Septic miscarriage usually occurs when the pregnancy has died in combination with early rupture of the amniotic fluid when there are no signs of labor or miscarriage, when the amniotic membrane tears the bacteria that will enter the amniotic chamber and uterus, causing infection. Maternity after pain in the lower abdomen and vaginal bleeding (dark, fishy odor) will show signs of infection syndrome, patients with fever of 37.8-40oC, rapid pulse, increased leukocytosis test, increased CPR. Pregnancy wrap has been thrown out after contractions to the uterus but the placenta is often left in the uterus chamber. When examining the vagina, the uterus is open, the uterus is soft, pressing pain, the uterus is smaller than the gestational age.

Cases of miscarriage infection usually occur very quickly and severely, since in addition to common bacteria can also be infected with anaerobic bacteria. Infection of the uterus is the most common form, followed by endometriosis, peritonitis, sepsis, in rare cases there may be endoratitis. If not detected and intervened in a timely manner, the infection can be life-threatening.

There are many causes that can lead to still death in the uterus and cause infections such as:

  • Pregnancy has birth defects, peeled vegetable cakes, fibrous vegetable cakes, poorly developed pregnancies, umbilical cord problems that cause the pregnancy to deplete the air, amniotic fluid condition,…
  • The mother suffers from chronic diseases such as kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, suffering from infections such as measles, mump, rubella, malaria, syphilis,…. The mother smokes, is addicted to drugs, alcoholism, stimulants or the mother is intoxicated but not treated in time.

Miscarriage overview

Infected miscarriages can cause intra-uterus infections

2. Treatment of infectious miscarriages

Since the infection is very fast and severe, patients with infectious miscarriages need to be treated positively. Patients will be given high-dose antibiotics in combination with oxytocin drugs for uterus contraction. After 6 hours of taking antibiotics, when the patient's temperature has decreased, the doctor will carry out a suction of the uterus chamber. When dredging should be careful because the uterus is more prone to punctures than usual and there is a risk of spreading infection. In case of severe infection such as a total inflamed uterus, sepsis is life-threatening,… may prescribe a uterus shear. Patients should be consulted before and after surgery.

3. Prevention of infectious miscarriages

Thanks to the progress of medicine, pregnancy is better monitored, so the mortality rate in the womb has decreased much compared to the previous, the miscarriage of infection has also decreased significantly.

During pregnancy, the maternity needs regular pregnancy examination to be ultrasounded by the doctor and perform gynecologic examinations. If you feel that the pregnancy has abnormal signs such as inactive pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, it is necessary to immediately go to medical facilities for timely intervention. If the mother's condition is a threat of miscarriage, the doctor will prescribe progesterol contraceptives, contraction relieves, vitamins,… combined with proper rest and nutrition. Adherence to treatment can help the mother retain the pregnancy. If the mother's condition is about to miscarry, miscarriage, non-complete miscarriage or miscarriage, the general rule is to have a uterus abortion to get all the pregnancy and vegetables, in case of blood ice and septic miscarriage.

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  • Infants receive comprehensive care

If you have abnormal symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

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