Should women with heart disease give birth normally?

Article by Master, Dr. Nguyen Thi Le – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Danang International Health Hub.

Pregnant women with heart disease depending on the degree of heart failure have not yet had different obstetrics and gynecology treatment. In case there is no heart failure, it is possible to monitor normal birth and have coordinated monitoring of cardiovascular, obstetrics and resuscitation anesthesia.

1. Can heart disease give birth normally?

During pregnancy with heart disease, women should be monitored throughout the pregnancy to ensure the safety of both mother and child, can make timely measures if problems occur. Women with heart disease are often not a question that many people are interested in. To answer this question, depending on the specific case:

1.1 Cases without heart failure

  • First-time birth: Closely monitor pregnancy management, early hospitalization 2 weeks before calving.
  • 2nd birth or more: Should be suspended if <3 tháng, nếu thai lớn cần theo dõi chặt chẽ tim mạch – sản khoa, giữ thai đến khi đủ tháng, chờ the labor pregnancy supports the procedure or cesarean section if in place.

1.2 Cases of heart failure

  • First-born: <20 tuần nên đình chỉ thai
  • Pregnancy>20 weeks: Monitoring, treatment, complications prevention, if not responding to treatment should suspend pregnancy of any gestational age
  • If heart failure degrees 3-4: Suspension of pregnancy of any gestational age, medical treatment before, during and after the suspension
  • 2nd birth or more: Pregnancy should be suspended, if nearly full month should be actively treated for up to full months and then active cesarean section


Women with heart disease during pregnancy should exercise extreme caution

2. Notes during labor for pregnant women with heart disease

Pregnant women with heart disease give birth procedures that require the coordination of a maternity, cardiologist, newborn and anesthesiologist. After each other: Lower the legs, insert the lower aortic vein to avoid blood to the heart suddenly causing emergency heart failure,avoid placenta errors.

Cesarean section if in dinhed should have an active cesarean section, stop antiangzers 1 week before the cesarean section.

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