Falling pregnant: What to know

The fall of the uterus is a disease that worries many women. If not detected in time, having the right treatment, the disease can cause dangerous complications.

1. What is uterus disease during pregnancy?

This is the phenomenon of the uterus dropping to the vagina, sometimes outside the vagina due to the stretched ligament muscles that lead to the inable capacity to support the uterus.

2. Stages of uterus disease

  • Stage 1: The uterus falls down but remains in the negative tube.
  • Stage 2: The uterus drops beyond the vagina and is difficult to see with the eyes.
  • Stage 3: The uterus now completely drops out of the vagina visible to the eye.

This is an extremely dangerous condition for women, since it is very likely that the uterus has become inflamed and may have to have a uterus removed due to the inability to contract itself.

Falling pregnant: What to know

Differences in the uterus between the average person and the sufferer

3. Causes of uterus sassy during pregnancy

  • Fetal causes: The pregnancy is large or it is possible that the mother is pregnant with multiple pregnancies causing the uterus to fall.
  • Causes from the mother: Pregnancy at an already advanced age, born several times before.
  • Or because the process of repeated abortions makes the uterus seriously affected.
  • Due to the greater pelvic region distance than the average person.
  • External causes such as: Inappropriate nutrition for pregnant women leads to overweight putting pressure on the pelvic area. In addition, it can be caused by diseases such as: cough, prolonged constipation due to the lack of timely treatment.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

4. Signs of uterus disease during pregnancy

Pregnant women with prot pregnancy often feel heavy lower abdomen, heavy vagina and , back pain. However, in the early stages these signs have not yet specifically made the diagnosis process difficult because it may resemble normal aches and pains during pregnancy.

The process of excreting is difficult such as urination and burning urination. Sometimes there's a feeling of sadness urinating but not walking.

It feels like sitting on a ball or it feels like something is about to fall out of the vagina.

Falling pregnant: What to know

Abdominal pain is one of the signs of falling out of the uterus

Symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, loss of sensation with the fetus in the abdomen appear. At this time, it is necessary to immediately go to the doctor for timely treatment.

5. Consequences of falling out of the uterus during pregnancy

5.1 Miscarriage, still still life

The uterus drops below the vagina leaving the fetus with no space to develop a still still pregnancy that affects the mother's life.

5.2 Premature birth, blood ice

The fetus can drift away without complete development. This condition is very dangerous because not only does it cause the baby to die, malformations, but also the risk of blood ice for the mother.

There are also a number of other influences such as:

  • Loss of m motherhood due to inflamed uterus requires removal.
  • Fatal to mother and baby due to rupture of the uterus.
  • Affects other parts of the body such as: Rectum, intestines, bladder.

6. How to prevent and treat uterus disease for pregnant women

6.1 Treatment of diseases

  • Follow the doctor's regimen and do not skip any treatment sessions.
  • Hard training gentle exercises that the doctor guides, after childbirth, still need to practice for pelvic function to recover quickly.
  • Avoid strong movement, squat for a long time so that the pressure does not accumulate on the abdomen.

Falling pregnant: What to know

Comfortable lying position for pregnant mother
  • Make healthy eating a reasonable rest.
  • Clean the closed area so that the prosed uterus does not get inflamed.
  • The use of herbs is also chosen by pregnant mothers thanks to the simple use to help restore psychological function, creating vaginal contraction favorable for the birth process.

6.2 How to prevent uterus death

  • Regular health monitoring is required to detect the disease early and take timely treatment. It is best that before you intend to be a mother you should have a health check-up to ensure the safety of the mother and baby.
  • If pregnant women have a cough, bronchitis should be treated as soon as possible.
  • It is necessary to avoid doing heavy work, not to get pregnant many times, avoid abuse of drugs, not to abortion unsafe facilities.
  • Monitor your weight, avoid excessive weight gain.
  • Perform gentle exercises such as Kegel to increase pelvic muscle strength.
  • Drink plenty of water, eat greens, eat fresh fruits, avoid eating dry food, fast food to limit constipation.

Falling pregnant: What to know

Scientific diet for pregnant mothers

When women find themselves among the subjects with high risk factors for uterus, women should pay close attention to monitor the manifestations of the body, especially in the closed area and immediately notify the doctor when there are abnormalities to be intervened in a timely manner.

In order to prepare a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to treat the disease of the uterus, both spouses should check the birth health from 3-5 months before pregnancy.

The wife should:

  • Vaccination before pregnancy (especially rubella prevention because rubella during pregnancy is extremely dangerous)
  • Genetic testing to screen for genetic diseases before pregnancy
  • Check for gynecologic inflammation that affects the health of mothers and fetuses
  • Especially women over 35 years of age who want to become pregnant (especially not yet pregnant) will have to have a very detailed health check because pregnancy at this age often has problems: Ovarian failure, premature birth, higher risk of fetal malformations, forward vegetables, pre-production.

The husband should:

  • Examination of reproduction health, detection of testicular atrophy, weak physical weakness, weak sperm …
  • The most sexually transmitted diseases are those that cannot be cured extremely dangerously

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