What is gastric sassy?

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Gastric bypass is a chronic disease that occurs when the position of the stomach is down, causing abdominal filling, pain in the ausic region, affecting digestion. Even gastric bypass can cause many dangerous complications if not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

1. What is gastric bypass disease?

Gastric sassy is a condition of disaltation of the position of organs in general, of the stomach in particular and quite rare. In patients with gastric bypass, the top of the stomach remains in its normal position but its bottom is lower than usual.

2. Symptoms of gastric bypass

Patients with gastric bypass usually have some of the following specific symptoms:

  • After eating, the stomach is uncomfortable, full of the abdomen, there is a feeling of stomach falling down, being stretched or feeling like something is pressing on the stomach.
  • In the stomach there is usually a noise of water but when lying on your back will not hear the sound of water.
  • Or belching, there is a bad smell in the mouth.
  • Poor eating, poor body nutrition.
  • Gray face, bitter mouth, dry tongue, un exhilarating spirit, prone to fatigue and fear of cold.
  • Erratic bye, at constipation, at diarrhea.
  • Headache, insomnia.

What is gastric sassy?

Having a bloating of the abdomen after eating is one of the common symptoms of gastric bypass

3. Causes of gastric bypass

Gastric proxy is usually not a disease but it is a symptom caused by many different diseases, common in people with peptic ulcer disease, fat due to sedentage, women after many births,… The specific causes of gastric bypass are:

  • Gastric ulcer, duodenal onion causing a narrowing of the taste
  • Ins mode mode of eating: overeating, excessive movement after eating or a history of stomach pain will cause stomach to sysent, impair the functioning of the stomach, cause gastric satises.

4. How to prevent and treat gastric bypass

4.1 Adjustment of diet and living

  • Eat in mode mode mode mode order, avoid heavy work immediately after eating.
  • Limit eating cold food, sour, spicy food, greasy foods that cause abdominal filling, indysgestion.
  • It is recommended to chew thoroughly when eating so that the stomach contracts and digests more easily.
  • Reasonable mode of movement and exercise.
  • Get enough sleep.

What is gastric sassy?

Practice abdominal muscles with moderate intensity to prevent and support the treatment of gastric bypass

4.2 Perform some room exercises, treat diseases

The following abdominal muscle exercises are rated as having a good effect in the prevention and treatment of gastric bypass:

  • The legs fold the pillow, the heel is placed close to the buttocks, body and against the legs, making the half of the body lift up, perform 4-8 times, each time maintained for about 1-2 minutes.
  • In the position of lying on the back, or the patient's hand on the back of the neck, use abdominal muscles to sit up and lie down, repeat 4-8 times.
  • Lie on your back, straighten your legs and hands, using abdominal muscles to slowly raise your legs high, form with the upper half of the body into an angle of 90o, maintain for about 2 minutes and then put your feet down. This position is performed 4-8 times.

When diagnosed with gastric bypass, patients should follow their doctor's opinion in adjusting their diet, activities and exercises to repel the disease.

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