What is a pre-life disorder? Why is it annoying?

Frontal disorders can be caused by damage to the central nervous system, diseases in the frontal system, cardiovascular, eye, mental and sometimes caused by certain drugs, the majority of which are caused by damage to the forebular system.

1. Why is the pre-med disorder annoying?

Preeubling disorders are diseases that are common at any age, more common in adulthood. The disease causes fatigue, affects health and life.

The foreb is a part located at the back of the cochlear cochlear on both sides – this is a system that plays an important role in controlling the balance of the body, regulating the balance of the body's position, gestures and other coordinations such as eye, head and torso movement.

Pre-dysubled disorders

Location of the pre-family system

2. Causes of disorders of the foreman

The main causes of the forem:

  • Low blood pressure, cerebral ishes, accidents, cardiovascular diseases,… causes blockage of blood vessels.
  • Stress (insomnia, work pressure). When stressed, the body produces large amounts of cortisol that damage the nervous system. In which nerve no. 8 is damaged, causing the system to receive inaccurate information and functioning improperly.
  • Complications of certain diseases such as neurochitis, brain tumors, nerve tumors, otitis otitis,….
  • The elderly suffer from impaired functioning of some agencies.
  • Obesity or malnutrition are also indirect causes of fasental disorders.
  • Alcohol abuse.


Alcohol abuse is one of the many causes of pre-court disorder

3. Prevention of tinginal disorders

  • Practice physical exercise regularly. For those who work in the office, sitting for many hours by the computer continuously should regularly do exercises in the neck and shoulders of the neck.
  • Avoid stress, prolonged stress.
  • Do not read books when sitting in a car, sitting or lying down when you feel dizzy.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day. It is not recommended to leave the body too watery.
  • Limit drinking beer, alcohol, smoking.
  • For people with fasubling disorders should pay attention to gentle head and neck activity.
  • Do not turn your neck suddenly or stand up and sit down too quickly.

The current treatment of civil disorders is mainly medical treatment and must absolutely comply with the doctor's indications for the use of the drug, the patient is not allowed to self-treat or treatment does not comply with the doctor's medical regime, so that can be achieved effectively and prevent recurrence.

Medical examination

When the patient shows abnormalities, it is recommended to see a doctor for timely examination and treatment

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