Thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women

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In pregnant women about 3-4% suffer from thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women can cause dangerous complications both for the mother and the baby if not treated in a timely manner.

1. Thyroid dysfunction

The thyroid gland is an important end hormone gland, which has the function of regulates the body's transformation. Thyroid dysfunction are thyroid-related diseases, including:

  • Thyroid ins capacity: is a condition caused by insufficient thyroid production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid ins capacity can be derived from the thyroid gland, saddle gland or hypothalamus.
  • Thyroid strength : isa condition that produces too much thyroid hormone, this syndrome is less common than thyroid failure
  • Thyroid goiter: not a specific pathology. Thyroid tumors may be associated with thyroid failure syndrome, thyroid strengthening or even abnormal thyroid function.
  • Thyroid seeds: are abnormal tumors or tumors located inside the thyroid gland. Thyroid seeds can be caused by follicles, benign thyroid tumors or thyroid cancer.
  • Thyroid cancer :more common in adult women than in men or young people. There are different types of thyroid cancer, depending on the specific type of cell inside the thyroid gland. Most thyroid cancer cases have a good pregnosm and high survival rate, especially for patients who are diagnosed early in the early stages.

During pregnancy, the thyroid gland increases iodine inment to ensure normal levels of thyroid hormone production. Therefore, if the daily diet of pregnant women lacks iodine, the thyroid gland may enlarge. Thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women is mainly thyroid failure.

Thyroid dysfunction

Thyroid cancer common in adult women

2. Causes of thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy

The cause of thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy is mainly chronic thyroiditis of an auto-immune nature, also known as Hashimoto's disease. There are cases where Hashimoto's disease can be pre-pregnancy or at the first pregnancy.

In addition, other causes of thyroid dysfunction include:

  • Because the mother had her thyroid cut off
  • Radioactive iodine treatment
  • Because the patient is treating Basedow with antithyroidism, the dose is too high.
  • Polynthyroid goiter
  • Armored particles increase excessive secretion of thyroid hormones
  • Excessive consumption of iodine.

Pregnant women with a family history of thyroid disease, those who have had thyroiditis, have enlarged goiter or thyroid failure during their previous pregnancy, and also those who live in iodine-deprived areas should be monitored and probed.

3. Effects of thyroid dysfunction on maternity

In the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus does not have a thyroid gland, so it is completely dependent on the amount of thyroid hormones provided by the mother through the fetal vegetable. This period is the period of formation and division of fetal bodies, so if there is a lack of hormones during this time, the complications are very severe.

Thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women is mainly thyroid failure. The consequences of thyroid failure in the mother are hypertension,premature calving, young peelingvegetables, even miscarriages, still still-death pregnancies. For the fetus when giving birth to a child is dull, intellectually retested.

Thyroid dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women is mainly thyroid failure

Thyroid function in pregnant women is less common, with about 1.7% of pregnant women having the disease. The consequences of thyroid strength cause complications such as: light pregnancy, miscarriage, pre-convulsions, premature birth … Even high-level armor intensity during labor is fatal for both mother and child at a rate of up to 100%.

Screening for timely detection and treatment of thyroid diseases in pregnant women is of great importance. In addition to preventing complications, reducing mortality in both mother and child, it ensures that babies born are completely physically healthy and have good intellect … The earlier the treatment, the lower the risk of complications in both mother and child.

4. Risk factors

Pregnant women are at increased risk for thyroid diseases and have been diagnosed with thyroid diseases suchas thyroid failure,thyroid attack, basedow, goiter, thyroid tumors…

  • Family history of thyroid disease
  • Women who have had thyroid disease in previous pregnancies
  • Obstetrics and gynecology is not good such as miscarriage, still pregnancy, prematurebirth, birth defects …
  • Women with type 1 diabetes
  • Women with self-infecting diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Women being treated for insyroidism
  • Women with a history of thyroidecting, radiation treatment with the same neck, head…

The doctor recommends that women with high risk factors mentioned above should perform screening tests for pregnancy thyroid disease as TSH and FT4 tests to assess thyroid function and during pregnancy, should be monitored regularly.

Thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women if not detected and intervened in a timely manner, the disease can leave dangerous complications. Therefore, pregnant women, especially those at high risk need to go for clinical screening for goiter, do blood tests for FT4 and TSH hormones. For suspected cases it is possible that the doctor will add an ultrasound of the thyroid gland and some special blood tests. Women who are clearly diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction will receive timely intervention and treatment.

The 12-week Maternity Care Program at Share99 includes thyroid pathology screening tests and monitoring of treatment care if problems are detected. Doctors will have a treatment direction to bring the amount of thyroid hormone to a balanced state, stabilizing health for both mother and baby throughout pregnancy.

The diagnosis and screening of thyroid pathology in the pregnant mother at the earliest during pregnancy is very good and should be done early. Best of all, before planning a pregnancy, women need to be screened for thyroid disease to be sure of their normal condition to ensure the best mage and fetal health. When knowing the condition and risk of thyroid disease, the pregnant mother needs to carry out treatment as prescribed by a specialist.

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