Sexual dysfunction in men

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The most common problems associated with sexual dysfunction in men include dysaclysm disorder, erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. These disorders are completely treatable.

1. What is sexual dysfunction in men?

Sexual dysfunction is any physical or mental problem that makes it difficult to achieve sexual satisfaction. Sexual dysfunction affects men of all ages, but is more common as age increases.

Sexual dysfunction in men has the following main types:

  • Erectile dysfunction (difficulty erectile dysfunction, difficulty maintaining an erection);
  • Premature estulation (orgasm too fast);
  • Late este, inacac to estm (orgasm too slow or unable to orgasm);
  • Decreased libido.

2. Causes of sexual dysfunction in men

Physical problems that cause sexual dysfunction in men include:

  • Low testosterone levels;
  • Therapeutic drugs (antidepressants, drugs for hypertension);
  • Disorders of blood vessels (sclerosis, hypertension,…);
  • Stroke, or neurological damage caused by diabetes mellitus or surgery;
  • Smoking;
  • Alcohol abuse.

Mental problems that cause sexual dysfunction in men include:

  • Anxiety about sexual ability;
  • Stress in relationships;
  • Depression, guilt;
  • Effects from past psychological trauma;
  • Stress, anxiety at work.


Smoking can cause sexual dysfunction

3. Diagnosis of sexual dysfunction in men

The doctor will conduct an examination to find out the cause. Those visits may be:

  • Blood tests measure testosterone, blood glucose, and cholesterol levels;
  • Check blood pressure;
  • Prostate examination through rectal examination;
  • Examination of the penis and testicles;
  • Tests examine neurological activity and blood vessels.

The doctor will also ask about symptoms, medications that have been used as well as a sexual history.

4. Treatment of sexual dysfunction in men

A lot of cases can be cured thanks to physical or mental treatments, including:

  • Drugs: The drug improves sexual activity through the mechanism of increasing blood flow to the penis. Sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil are safe, effective for the majority of cases;
  • End hormones: Low testosterone hormone levels can be addressed by alternative hormones via injection, patch or gel;
  • Psycho therapy: Psycho therapy helps patients reduce anxiety, depression, fear, which are emotions that negatively affect the ability to be sexually active;
  • Supported devices: It is possible to implant support devices in case of erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of you with medicine

Drugs that can help treat sexual dysfunction in men

5. Prevention of sexual dysfunction in men

Although there is no complete prevention method, understanding the causes of sexual dysfunction in men is a necessary step to be able to solve the problem. To remain sexually active:

  • Comply with the doctor's treatment plan;
  • Limit alcohol consumption;
  • Quit smoking;
  • Treatment of all psychological problems (if any);
  • Communicate more with your spouse to add insight and share.

Men with sexual dysfunction problems should actively go to the doctor early to detect the exact cause and take timely interventions, helping to improve the sex life.

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